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ZX Spectrum

Released in the United Kingdom in 1982

The ZX Spectrum was a popular home computer that was released in the United Kingdom in 1982. 1)

Sinclair Research Ltd

It was created by Sinclair Research Ltd., a company founded by Sir Clive Sinclair. 2)

16 KB of RAM

The original model had 16 KB of RAM, which was later upgraded to 48 KB in later models. 3)

8-bit Zilog Z80 microprocessor

It was powered by an 8-bit Zilog Z80 microprocessor, which ran at a speed of 3.5 MHz. 4)

Rubber keyboard

The computer had a rubber keyboard, which was notoriously difficult to use. 5)


The ZX Spectrum was popular among game developers and many classic games were released on the platform. 6)

Programming and education

The computer was also used for programming and educational purposes. 7)

Available in a range of colors

The ZX Spectrum was available in a range of colors, including black, white, gray, and red. 8)


The computer was compatible with a range of peripherals, including printers, joysticks, and cassette tape drives. 9)

Pioneer in the field of home computing

The ZX Spectrum was a pioneer in the field of home computing and was one of the first affordable computers available to consumers. 10)

It was also popular in other countries, including Spain and Russia, where it had a significant impact on the local computing industries. 11)

Upgraded models

Sinclair Research released several upgraded models of the ZX Spectrum, including the ZX Spectrum+ and the ZX Spectrum 128. 12)

Superseded by newer models

The computer was eventually superseded by newer models, such as the Amiga and the Atari ST. 13)

Cultural icon

Despite this, the ZX Spectrum remains a beloved cultural icon and is fondly remembered by many people who grew up in the 1980s. 14)

Celebrated by retro gaming enthusiasts

Today, the ZX Spectrum is celebrated by retro gaming enthusiasts, who continue to play and develop new games for the platform. 15)

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