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Chinese private company

Xiaomi is a Chinese private company based in the Haidian district of Beijing specializing in the design, development, and sale of smartphones, applications, and consumer electronics. It was founded on April 6, 2010. The company's first product was a Mi1 smartphone. In addition to phones, the company also manufactures smart wristbands, tablets, sports cameras, TV sets, smart TV attachments, power banks, headphones, smart boots, clothing, routers, portable speakers, kettles, segway vehicles (Xiaomi NINEBOT), scooters (MiJia Electric Scooter), smartphones, Yeelight bulbs, phone accessories, and air purifiers. 1)

Meaning of the name

Xiaomi literally means “millet and rice,” which is a reference to a Buddhist idea. It connotes that Xiaomi needs to begin from seemingly insignificant details prior to focusing on the top. “Mi” is likewise an abbreviation for Mission Impossible (not the film!) to show the impossible obstacles that they have overcome. 2)

You can root your Xiaomi phones

You can root your phone from Xiaomi and you won't lose your warranty. 3)

Xiaomi has limited its profit margin to 5 percent

This was announced by Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, in 2019. 4)

Xiaomi's word of mouth

Xiaomi built its position some time ago primarily through word-of-mouth advertising. Many users choose smartphones or equipment from this Chinese brand simply because it is cheaper than competing products from other companies. 5)

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