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The Ten Mutant Commandments are tattooed on Magneto of the Ultimate Universe's back. 1)

Gambit And Deadpool

Gambit of the X-Men admires Deadpool's fighting talents so much that he previously paid him off rather than chance a confrontation with him, saying that fighting Deadpool is suicidal. 2)

Magneto's Arm Tattoo

During the Holocaust, Magneto got the number 214782 tattooed on his arm. This number was eventually retconned to 24005 since it could not have been a genuine Auschwitz number. 3)

Wolverine Under Glacier

Wolverine once lived under a glacier for 6 months by eating slices of his own arm (with his healing factor growing it back). 4)

Best-Selling Comic

The world's best-selling comic book is X-Men #1, which was released in 1991. It has sold approximately 8.2 million copies worldwide. 5)

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson pushed unsuccessfully for the part of Professor Xavier in the first 'X-Men' film. 6)

Storm's Nipple

Storm's nipple was accidently shown in a color issue of The Uncanny X-Men that was republished in black and white for “Essential X-Men Vol. 2”. 7)

Stan Lee Cameos

Stan Lee did not appear in 'X2: X-Men United' or 'X-Men: First Class,' despite the fact that it was stipulated in his contracts that he participate in any film based on Marvel characters he created. 8)

Siege #3

In 2010, Marvel provided a unique Deadpool variant cover of the comic “Siege #3” to any comic book retailer who spent $50 on certain 'Blackest Night' comic books released by their competitors at DC. 9)

X-Men First Class

X-Men: First Class was initially intended to be Magneto's prequel film, similar to 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' It would have shown Magneto's early years as a concentration camp prisoner battling Nazis, as described by the writer as “X-Men” meets “The Pianist”. 10)

Hugh Jackman Cameo

Hugh Jackman only agreed to play a cameo as Wolverine in 'X-Men: First Class' for the opportunity to yell, “Go f*ck yourself”. 11)

X-Men As Second Tier

Marvel originally regarded the 'X-Men' comic book to be a second-tier publication, and it was even discontinued in 1969. The series didn't become popular until it was revived in 1976, with a mostly new cast that featured Storm and Wolverine. 12)

Levitating Chair

The innovative levitating chair used by Professor Xavier in the film “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, according to Sir Patrick Stewart, genuinely functioned. It merely hovered a few inches above the ground, and while Stewart refused to divulge how it functioned, magnets are said to have been used. 13)

Magneto And Mystique

In the 'X-Men' books, Mystique is not Magneto's second-in-command and seldom works alongside him, contrary to how she is portrayed in most movies and TV shows. In fact, she previously led a squad whose sole job was to apprehend Magento. 14)

Wolverine's Claws

 Wolverine's claws were assumed to be all metal until the mid-1990s, when Magneto used his abilities to tear all of Wolverine's adamantium out of his body, revealing bone claws beneath. In the comics, he utilized his bone claws for 5 years after that, until adamantium was ultimately returned to his skeleton.15)

Plans For Mystique

Mystique was supposed to disclose that she utilized her shape-shifting abilities to father Nightcrawler with Destiny at one time. However, Marvel felt it was inappropriate for children, so Azazel became Nightcrawler's father and Mystique his mother. 16)

Jean Grey

Jean Grey, a founding member of the X-Men, has died multiple times in Marvel's Earth-616 reality alone. 17)

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner, who starred in Twilight, was the first actor to be considered for the role of Beast in X-Men: First Class. Lautner's filming schedule, however, was too crowded for him to accept the part. 18)


Nightcrawler, one of Marvel's most popular X-Men, was first proposed to DC comics, but the character was rejected because he was “too odd looking”. 19)

Deadpool And Deathstroke

Deadpool was developed for “New Mutants #98” by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, both admirers of the “Teen Titans” comic book, while noting his similarities to the DC villain Deathstroke. They even gave him the name Wade Wilson as a play on Deathstroke's alter persona, Slade Wilson. 20)

Halle Berry

During the making of X2, director Bryan Singer was often at odds with Storm actor Halle Berry. After a particularly long day of shooting, Berry marched off set, telling Singer, “You can watch my black *** as I walk out of here”. 21)

Professor X And Magneto

Professor X and Magneto were patterned after Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, respectively, because the original 'X-Men' comic book was developed in the 1960s, during the height of the civil rights movement. 22)


Tim Miller proposed a sequence at the end of Deadpool's credits in which Beast is caught taking a crap on Deadpool's lawn. Nicholas Hoult was ready to film the sequence, but they couldn't find the time.23)


While numerous X-Men characters were considered for the role of Colossus' sidekick in Deadpool, the authors first chose Negasonic Teenage Warhead simply because she had a catchy name. 24)

Brimstone Dimension And Nightcrawler

Because of how quickly he arrives and departs the Brimstone Dimension, Nightcrawler is unaware that he is there. He navigates the Brimstone Dimension using an unconscious, natural sense of direction.25)


Domino is a talented, mutant mercenary with the power to manipulate chance in her favor, giving the appearance of tremendous luck. She is now a part of Cable's new X-Force team after joining the X-Men. 26)

Deadpool And Cable

Deadpool asserts in “Cable & Deadpool #2,” issued in January 2007, that his uncovered visage resembles a hybrid between Ryan Reynolds and a Shar-Pei. Reynolds would play Wade Wilson in the film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” two years later. 27)


Northstar, an X-Men member, came out in 1992 in “Alpha Flight No.106,” becoming the first openly homosexual superhero. 28)

First Gay Wedding

The X-Men were the first to feature a homosexual wedding.29)


A 12-page telepathic combat between Emma Frost and Charles Xavier set within a dream was placed into the script for “X-Men: First Class,” but it was cut after the producers spotted a similar concept in “Inception”. 30)

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