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Worst War Crimes

The Dzungar Genocide

In the 1750s, the Qing Dynasty carried out systematic genocide against the Buddhist Dzungar people. A group of Buddhist Mongol tribes revolted against the Qing Dynasty and seized control of the Dzungar Khanate, triggering a major retaliation by the Qing government, which culminated in the group's complete eradication from the region. The Dzungars were the last large-scale nomadic group to challenge Chinese rule, and hundreds of thousands of them were killed during this period, either by warfare, starvation, or disease. 1)

Unit 731

Unit 731 was a Japanese army covert research unit based in China's Pingfang district at the time. It was created by Shiro Ishii, a combat medical officer, and was staffed by a large number of other doctors. Researchers introduced diseases like syphilis, anthrax, and gonorrhea into victims; abused women to perform tests on their fetuses; used prisoners as human targets for grenades; and even burned people alive. The Japanese army dropped plague-carrying fleas into Chinese villages outside the unit to see how quickly the disease spread. 2)

T4 Program

T4 Program, also known as T4 Euthanasia Program, was a Nazi German attempt to kill incurably sick, physically or mentally impaired, emotionally depressed, and elderly people under the guise of euthanasia. The program was started by Adolf Hitler in 1939, and although it was formally ended in 1941, clandestine killings continued until Nazi Germany was defeated militarily in 1945. 3)

Andersonville - Camp Sumter

Henry Wirz, the Confederate commander of Camp Sumter in Andersonville, Georgia, housed Union POWs. The camp, which had been chronically understocked, was in terrible shape. It was constructed to hold 10,000 prisoners, but at its peak in 1864, it held 32,000 POWs, leaving inmates with just six square feet of “living space.” 4)

Congo Wars

Child soldiers, cannibalism, and, most notably, mass rape dominated the country's harrowing past toward the end of the twentieth century. These assaults have targeted women of all ages. Rape is a military strategy in the Congo that is not discriminated against and is known as the rape capital of the world. Women's genitalia has been mutilated in some cases. 5)

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