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Woody Allen


Woody Allen was born on November 30, 1935, at Mount of Eden Hospital in New York City's Bronx.1)


His father's name is Martin Konigsberg, and he works as a jewelry engraver and waiter. Nettie (née Cherry) is her mother, and she works as a bookkeeper at her family's delicatessen.2)


Woody Allen attended Public School 99 before graduating from Brooklyn College's Midwood High School and taught Hebrew school for nearly 8 years. After graduating from high school in 1953, he enrolled at New York University to further his studies in communication, but he was unable to continue due to a failing in a subject titled “Motion Picture Production.” He also dropped out in the first semester of his first semester at City College of New York, where he was enrolled to film. 3)


Allen was more interested in baseball than in school when he was a kid. He spent a lot of time with the club, playing baseball.4)


Woody Allen married four times: Harleen Rosen, Louis Lazarus, and Soon-Yi. He also had a 12-year romance with actress Mia Farrow and is married to Soon-Yi.5)


Ronan Farrow, Dylan O'Sullivan Farrow, Manzie Teo Allen, Moses Farrow, and Beckett Allen are his five children.6)


He formally changed his name to Heywood Allen. He also went by the name Woody.7)

Writing Jokes

Woody Allen began writing jokes for a newspaper column when he was 15 years old in order to get money. Since then, he has demonstrated his talent and love for creative writing and comics. His outstanding performance paved the way for him to join the NBC Writer's Development Program in 1955.8)


Woody Allen has been nominated for 24 Academy Awards and has won four of them: three for Best Authentic Screenplay and one for Best Director (Annie Hall).9)


Woody enjoys music and occasionally plays on the jazz clarinet at various settings. His band really performs at the Carlyle Lodge in New York.10)


He is well-known for co-writing, directing, and acting in the majority of his films.11)

Venice Fan

Woody Allen is a strong enthusiast of the Italian city of Venice, and he helped raise funds to rebuild the Venetian theater, La Fenice, when it burned down in a fire. He also like New York.12)

Annie Hall

In 1977, his career advanced with the romantic comedy film “Annie Hall”, starring Diane Keaton, which became a fashion trend with clothes featuring Diane Keaton.13)

Hannah And Her Sisters

His film “Hannah and Her Sisters” was released in 1986 and grossed a whopping $ 40 million.14)

Sexual Abuse Allegations

When Dylan Farrow and Mia Farrow's adoptive daughter were 7 years old, Allen accused him of molesting. The claimed incident occurred amid a custody struggle between the two following a romance with Sun-E-Previn. When the judges failed to produce the final conclusions of the inquiry, the charges were withdrawn.15)

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