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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's Creator Also Invented the Lie Detector Test

William Moulton Marston, sometimes known as Charles Moulton, was a Harvard graduate who went on to become a psychologist, lawyer, inventor, and comic book writer. He was also a known polygamist, and he credits Wonder Lady to his wife (Elizabeth Hollaway) and the primary woman they lived with (Olive Byrne). All of this, in addition to inventing the polygraph exam. That lasso for detecting lies makes considerably more sense today. 1)

She's Worthy of Wielding Thor's Hammer

Back in the 1990s, Marvel and DC agreed to play nice and not only crossover the characters so we could experience what it was like for instance, Batman and Wolverine to team up, but also blended them (Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw). Wonder Woman encountered Thor and his hammer, Mjolnir, during this brief shared world period. It turns out that, unlike so many previous comic book heroes, Wonder Woman is deserving of and capable of wielding the Asgardian hammer. 2)

More Weapons

Her Lasso of Truth, bullet-deflecting bracelets (called the Bracelets of Victory), and, of course, her invisible jet are all part of her arsenal. But there's a lot more to it than that. Wonder Woman also wears a royal tiara (which is more effective than it seems), combat axes, spears, mystic armor, and a magical sword, as well as Hermes' mythological shoes and Atlas' gauntlet. Oh, and a slew of supercharged earrings. 3)

Banned From The Beginning

The National Organization for Decent Literature deemed “Sensation Comics” (in which Wonder Woman was the major feature) obscene in 1942 owing to her revealing attire and how much of the superheorine's torso was revealed. 4)

Dr. Psycho Was Inspired by the Marston's Enemy

Dr. Psycho, Diana's adversary, was inspired on a professor whose author Marston knew and disliked. What is the source of this aversion? Hugo Münsterberg was persuaded that women should not be allowed to vote or make critical decisions that would have an impact on society. This is also mirrored in Dr. Psycho's efforts to prevent Wonder Woman from taking part in the conflict. 5)

Wonder Woman’s Island Forbids Men

Wonder Woman was born and reared on Themyscira, an island invisible to humans where Amazons live and train without seeing a single man. The comics, like the film, make it obvious that the Amazons are accustomed to living among themselves and aren't particularly fond of the opposing gender (or of humankind as a whole). 6)

First Female of the Justice Society

Wonder Woman was the first female member of the Justice Society, a superhuman group that predated the 'Justice League' in the comics. Gardner Fox formed this organization of super vigilantes, not William Marston, but we're glad he didn't remain in control for long because he appointed Wonder Woman the alliance's secretary and never let her defend the world with the rest of the gang. 7)

Wonder Woman and Superman Were a Couple

Superman and Wonder Woman were a couple in the comics about 2012. Although Diana is usually matched with Steve Trevor in the romance area (and even Batman! ), she had a short affair with the famed Kryptonian in an issue of 'Justice League'. 8)

Almost A Different Name

Back in the day, our beloved heroine almost had a different name. William Marston almost dubbed her “Suprema, the Wonder Woman,” but his editor persuaded him to give her the name we now know and adore. 9)

Etta Candy In The Comics

Etta Candy isn't just a wacky sidekick invented for the movies. If you thought the smart lady we meet in the first Wonder Woman film was only a comedy relief character, you're incorrect. Etta appears in the comics as well, and she is a regular, funny companion in most of Diana's travels. 10)

There Are Other Wonder Women

Although Diana Prince is the most often associated with this moniker, it is more realistic to consider Wonder Woman to be a title that various heroes may assume when the world needs it. Indeed, figures such as Nubia, Donna Troy, and even Queen Hippolyta have briefly been the comic's famous supheroine. 11)

The Wonder Woman Franchise is Banned in Lebanon

During the film's release in 2017, Lebanon was at odds with Israel, the home nation of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot. The actress has notably served in the military and has been elected Miss Israel, all while expressing her love for her homeland. As a result, Lebanon chose to pull the DC film from all theaters. 12)

Wonder Woman Likes Men And Women

Diana Prince has no preference between men and women, according to comic book writer Greg Rucka, which comes as no surprise given that she grew born on an island populated solely by women. 13)

Diana’s Tiara Is A Weapon

In the film, Diana wears the tiara as an heirloom given to her by Antiope, although in the comics, it was originally a weapon Wonder Woman could fling at her opponents like a boomerang. Its metal is so sharp that it once slashed Superman's throat and rendered him unconscious! The tiara's implanted gauntlets were also capable of deflecting gunfire, and it wielded her Lasso of Truth. 14)

Many Famous Actresses Were Considered

Many famous actresses were considered for the part before Patty Jenkins picked Gal Gadot, including Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Michelle Gellar, Eva Green, and Kristen Stewart. The Israeli actor, who was still relatively unknown at the time, was finally chosen to don Diana's gauntlets. 15)

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