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First Use Of The Term Vagina

The term “vagina” first appeared on film in Walt Disney's “The Story of Menstruation.” This 1946 film discusses menstruation and offers advice on how to help women stop feeling sorry for themselves.1)

Divorce In 16th Century France

Women in 16th century France might charge their husbands with impotence as grounds for divorce. The condemned spouses would have to demonstrate their innocence in a public trial by effectively ejaculating.2)

Highest IQ Scores

Women have the two highest IQ scores in recorded history.3)

Absorbing Bleeding

To absorb menstruation bleeding, women in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Japan used softened papyrus, lint wrapped around wood, and paper.4)

Clitoris Growth

A woman's clitoris develops during her lifespan. This implies that many women in their forties and fifties have more orgasmic experiences than they had in their teens and twenties.5)


A bill proposed in the British Parliament in 1770 proposed that any woman wearing make-up be punished for witchcraft.6)

Births In Prison

It is believed that 6-10% of jailed women are pregnant, with up to 1,400 births occurring in US jails each year.7)

College Degrees

Women account for more than 60% of all college degrees awarded in the United States.8)

Body Image

Women in the United States promoted items to acquire weight and so become more ideally curvaceous and beautiful in the 1940s. “Men wouldn't look at me when I was small”, one commercial said, “but now that I've gained 10 pounds this new, simple manner, I have all the dates I want”.9)


In Greek mythology, Gaia, or Mother Earth, was the first god to be born after Chaos (the first element to exist). Gaia then gave birth to Uranus, (the sky), the mountains, and Pontus without the help of a male deity (the sea).10)

Uterus Didelphys

Uterus didelphys is an uncommon disorder in which some women are born with two uteruses. Women with this syndrome may have two vaginas.11)


Despite the fact that male brains are 10% bigger than female brains, both have the same number of brain cells. Women's brain cells just cluster together more thickly.12)

Unwed Moms With Children

Unwed moms in early America sometimes murdered their newborn newborns to avoid the stigma of having an illegitimate kid.13)

Baby Farms

“Baby farms”, often known as slaughterhouses for unwanted children, appeared in early America.14)

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (2017) was the first female-directed superhero picture with a female lead.15)

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