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Whisky or whiskey

Whisky or maybe whiskey? It turns out that both terms are correct! They distinguish between products that come from different parts of the world. Whisky refers to alcohol produced in Scotland, while whiskey is a term that is attributed to drinks straight from the USA or Ireland. 1)

American whisky

Maker's Mark, an American brand, refers to its alcohol as whisky. 2)

Whisky for over $1 million

In 2018, a record was set, as an Asian collector purchased the whisky for the dizzying sum of over $1 million. Macallan Valerio Adami is a 60-year-old beverage that collectors around the world have been killing for. 3)

Tragic fire

In 1875 a huge fire consumed one of the largest distilleries in Liberties. Under the influence of fire and high temperatures, the casks of liquor cracked and spilled into the streets. Thirteen people are said to have died in this fire. 4)

World Whiskies Awards

Year after year, the best spirit in the Whisky category is chosen. This takes place during an exceptionally dignified event, which is the World Whiskies Awards. Such an event gathers connoisseurs of amber liquor from all over the world, and an excellent jury selects the most exceptional spirit. 5)

Suntory Whisky Hibiki

In 2019, the first place went to the Japanese pride, the 21-year-old Suntory Whisky Hibiki. This is another success for Japan in this competition, but Scotland is also worth remembering, as the 30-year-old Tomatin whisky won the title of the alcohol with the best design. 6)

Whiskey on deathbed

Bill Wilson is the founder of the famous association of Alcoholics Anonymous known by the acronym AA. On his deathbed, instead of paper and pen to write his will, he asked for a glass of whiskey. 7)

Distilling whiskey in space

An experiment was performed in which samples of distillate and fired wood were sent to the International Space Station. There, astronauts tried to replicate the process of alcohol maturation. Identical samples were on the ground to compare the taste and aroma of the resulting liquor. It turns out that no biological processes take place in orbit, and the taste of whisky from space was unique for this type of alcohol: it was dominated by rubber, bottle, and smoked fish. 8)

Alcohol prescription

During the Prohibition period in the United States, the sale of alcohol was prohibited. The exception, of course, was whiskey in medicinal quantities. 9)

Walgreens Pharmacies

During the period of Prohibition in the United States, there was a very rapid growth of the chain of pharmacies The Walgreens. In thirteen years their number increased from 20 to as many as 400. 10)

Whisky poured over chests

A German company called G-Spirits came out with a weird idea. The finished whisky, before bottling, was poured over the bare chests of Playboy models. 11)

Angel share

It is a known fact that whisky in barrels evaporates. Every day it gets smaller and smaller, but in the past, this explanation was not known. Instead, it was thought that it was the angels who came and sipped some of the alcohol as a reward for the beverage well prepared with their permission. 12)

32 thousand pounds whisky

A big surprise was caused by a businessman who in 2005 stayed overnight in one of the English hotels. He ordered one of only 12 produced bottles of Dalmore 62 whisky from 1943 and drank almost all of it one night with friends. Suffice it to say that the party drink cost a modest 32 thousand pounds. 13)

The importance of glasses

The right choice of glassware for tasting alcohol has a huge impact on its smell and taste. That is why whisky glasses are a trademark of millions of whisky lovers all over the world. 14)

Shortie Smoky Porter

Ardbeg, the Isle of Islay's Scotch whisky distillery is releasing its first beer. Shortie Smoky Porter takes its name from Shorty flying around within the distillery. A mischievous Jack Russell Terrier dog that is the mascot of Ardbeg. 15)

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