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The World's Weirdest Food


Haggis is Scotland's national dish. It's a type of savory pudding. Haggis is a delectable dish made from the plucked meat of sheep (the lungs, hearts, and liver). The cooked minced offal is encased in the sheep stomach with suet, oatmeal, and seasonings. The stuffed stomach is stitched up and then cooked for up to one to two hours. 1)

Brain Sandwich

A fried brain sandwich is a sandwich made up of diced calves' brains eaten on sliced bread. Since the growth of the city's stockyards in the late 1880s, thinly sliced fried slabs on white toast became popular on menus in St. Louis, Missouri, though interest has dwindled to the point that only a handful of restaurants now serve them. 2)


Hákarl (fermented shark in English) is an Icelandic national dish made from a Greenland shark or other sleeper shark that has been cured using a special fermentation process and hanged to dry for four to six months. Hákarl is an acquired taste due to its strong ammonia-rich scent and fishy flavor. 3)


Sannakji is a raw octopus dish made of baby octopus. The octopuses are usually killed before being sliced into small parts and right after that served, with the pieces moving posthumously on the plate due to nerve damage in the octopus' tentacles. 4)

Casu martzu

Casu martzu is an ancient Sardinian cheese with live insect larvae (maggots). This cheese has been outlawed and criminals face heavy penalties due to EU laws on food safety and health. Some Sardinians, however, mobilized themselves to provide casu martzu on the black market. 5)


Khash is a dish that includes boiled cows or sheep, including the head, feet and stomach (tripe). It is a popular dish in Armenia and many other countries in the Middle East. 6)

Tuna Eyes

Tuna eyeballs can be consumed raw, but cooked versions should be eaten, given that the raw eyeballs can absorb bacteria easily. 7)


Herring in the Baltic Sea fermented with sufficient salt to avoid rotting. These days, often contained in sage tinned, it emits a pungent scent that must normally be consumed outdoors when it is opened. 8)

Century Egg / 100 Year Old Egg / 1000 Year Old Egg

It is not one hundred years, nor one thousand years old, but the egg is pretty rotten. After several months of preservation with mixing clay, ash and quicklime, the yolk turns dark green or black and slimy while the white turns into a dark brown translucent jelly. It smells like sulfur and ammonia. 9)


Shiokara is a dish of Japanese cuisine - the entrails of fish and mollusks are marinated in salt. Squid shiokara is the most popular, while konowata (trepanga, sea snail) is the most exquisite, classified as chinmi. 10)

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