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Waterfall of The Eternal Flame

Close to Buffalo, NY there is Chestnut Ridge Park, wherein a small rock cave under one of the waterfalls you can observe a flame, almost all year round. In the fissure, sheltered from the wind and water, natural gas leaks from rock crevices accumulate. Sometimes it happens to extinguish, then tourists themselves re-lit the flame. In the summer, at the foot of the monumental cliffs, the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra gives concerts. The waterfall is called The Eternal Flame. 1)

Goat Island

Goat Island is connected to the mainland by two bridges. It is located just at the edge of the waterfall and bifurcates the Niagara Cascades into two parts: the American and Canadian. Its name was created in the 18th century by a man named John Stedman, who once, supposedly to protect himself from wolves, rafted a large herd of his goats across it, staying there with them for almost 4 years. 2)


The excavation of depressions in a river valley by turning rock material in eddies (e.g., beneath waterfalls) is eversion and we classify it as bottom erosion. 3)

Tugela Waterfall

Tugela is Africa's highest waterfall, located on the Tugela River flowing out of the Dragon Mountains in South Africa. Tugela is the world's second-highest waterfall after Salto Angel in Venezuela. It consists of five successive steps, and its total height is 3,110 ft. 4)

Dry Falls

Dry Falls, located in central Washington State, is 3.5-mile-long wide, and 400 feet high. It exceeds the size of currently existing waterfalls. Most likely, it was formed at the end of the last ice age, when a large lake formed from the melted glaciers of North America spilled into the Pacific Ocean. The flow at Dry Falls at that time was four hundred times the combined flow of all rivers in existence today. 5)

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