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Spider-Man's Spider Sense Doesn't Work on Venom

The Symbiote possesses telepathic abilities, allowing it to converse via mental waves. And, after spending time with Spider-Man, the Symbiote may successfully wipe out his iconic Spider Sense, making Venom one of the few people who can catch Spidey off guard. 1)

The Venom Symbiote Is Weak to Fire and Sound

He may be severely weakened when exposed to loud noises, which is generally the vulnerability Spider-Man must exploit in order to defeat Venom (seen in Spider-Man The Animated Series, Spider-Man 3, and several comics). The Symbiote suffers extra damage from fire. 2)


While Venom and Eddie Brock go from villain to antihero to hero, the majority of the Symbiote's progeny remain solidly in the evil category. Carnage is a red symbiote that connected with serial murderer Cletus Kasady to produce Venom's most renowned offspring. Carnage reproduced asexually to develop the creature that finally joined with Brock to form Toxin, the strongest symbiote we've encountered thus far. 3)

Eddie Brock Later Became Anti-Venom

Eddie Brock prudently isolates himself from the Symbiote, but traces of it remain in his body. To make matters worse, Brock catches cancer, but he is saved by a mystic named Martin Li, who heals him. Li's magical energies increased Brock's white blood cells, which joined with Symbiote remains to become Anti-Venom, a new white symbiote. Not only does Anti-Venom possess the original Venom's talents, but he also has the ability to resist fire and sound and has some healing abilities. 4)

The Symbiote Only Enhances Urges You Already Have

When connected with the Symbiote, many hosts exhibit violent behavior; even the good-hearted Spider-Man began to exhibit hostile outbursts. The Symbiote, on the other hand, can only increase the evil urges that already exist in your head. “It can't make you do anything you don't truly want to do,” Eddie Brock once told his ex-wife Anne Weying (who had briefly linked with the Symbiote and killed numerous people). We've even seen the Symbiote try to prevent its hosts from engaging in pointless violence, as it did with Lee Price. 5)

Scorpion Became Venom

Mac Gargan is best known as the evil Scorpion, although he had the Venom Symbiote for an unusually lengthy period of time, eventually earning him the admiration of his villain counterparts. Despite his new abilities, Spider-Man observed that Mac's Venom was not as terrifying as Brock's, reasoning that the Symbiote didn't mesh as well with Gargan since Gargan didn't despise Spider-Man nearly as much as Brock and the Symbiote did. Gargan ultimately separates from the Symbiote after recognizing it's creating health issues due to Gargan's modified scorpion DNA. 6)

The Symbiote Killed One of Its Hosts

Eddie Brock once auctioned off the Symbiote to Angelo Fortunato because he needed money and was aware of the threats it posed to him. Despite Eddie's warnings, Fortunato naively linked with the costume and started looking for Spider-Man. However, after a struggle amid New York's skyscrapers, the Symbiote learned how cowardly its new buddy was. The Symbiote disengaged from Fortunato mid-air in one of its cruelest deeds, allowing him to plummet to his death. 7)

Eddie Brock Tried to Kill Himself Before Becoming Venom

Eddie had gone to the church to seek God's forgiveness for his intention to commit suicide (he'd been through a lot). After feeling terrible over Fortunato's murder, Brock cut his wrists (and survived), and he was also saddened when his ex-wife Anne committed suicide. 8)

Deadpool Wore the Symbiote Before Spider-Man

For years, we thought Spider-Man was the first Symbiote host, but the comic issue “Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #3” reveals that the black alien first connected with Deadpool. 9)

Venom Once Bonded With a T-Rex

Venom tales tend to focus on the darker side of Spider-universe, Man's but a few lighter themes do appear from time to time. In one theory, for example, the Symbiote really mates with a T-Rex, transforming it into Venomsaurus Rex. 10)

Venom Was Supposed To Be A Woman

Originally, Venom was supposed to be a woman, according to comic book writer David Michelinie. The initial concept was for Venom to be a pregnant lady whose husband was killed when a cab driver became distracted with Spider-Man and drove over him. She'd then lose the baby after going into labor right away. 11)


The Venom symbiote has a voracious appetite for flesh, and it isn't confined to non-human creatures; the Venom character has been known to consume people over his numerous escapades over the previous few decades. Chocolate, however, was one aspect from 90s comics that helped to assuage this desire. Chocolate, for whatever reason, may quench the symbiote's need for blood. 12)

Venom Can’t Lie

Over the years, audiences have witnessed the symbiote, with various hosts, murder and mutilate countless victims, including innocents. However, it is revealed in issue 23 of Thunderbolts that the Venom symbiote is incapable of lying. 13)

Tongue Clone

In one comic, Venom's tongue was severed and collected by the Ararat Corporation, who subsequently cloned it to produce a new Symbiote. The clone was reabsorbed by the Venom symbiote after a conflict between the two symbiotes. 14)

Exiled From Its Race

After being tainted by the first host it linked to, the Venom Symbiote was considered unfit of being a member of the hive mind of its planet. The monster was expelled into space by the rest of Venom's species.15)

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