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Snow Density

The snow density in Utah's famed Cottonwood Canyons is 8.5%, which is ideal for a powder day on the slopes.1)

Golden Winter Day

According to historical statistics, January 13 is the best day for skiing in Utah. This is the day with the highest chance of snowfall.2)

Weird Law

It is unlawful in Utah to employ trombone players to perform on the street to promote an auction.3)

Weird Law 2

It is forbidden to fish while riding a horse or to hunt whales.4)

Weird Law 3

It is unlawful in Salt Lake City to stroll down the street with a paper bag containing a violin.5)

Literacy Rate

Utah has the highest literacy percentage in the country.6)

Utah Lake

Utah Lake has a length of 24 miles and a width of 12 miles. Every year, over 41% of the lake evaporates. On the lake, there used to be a showboat with on-deck dancers and a complete orchestra.7)

Four Corners With Three Other States

Four corners of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. This is the only location in the United States where four states meet.8)

Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is approximately four times saltier than any of the world's seas. A half cup of salt would remain if 1 quart of water from the saltiest region of the lake was cooked. It is so salty because salt and other minerals were left behind when the old Lake Bonneville dried up. Because the diminishing lake had no outlet to the sea, salt deposits accumulated in the lake.9)


According to Webster's, “Utahans” is the grammatically proper way to refer to Utah citizens; yet, most Utah locals insist on referring to themselves as “Utahns”.10)

Name Origin

The name “Utah” is taken from the Ute Native American tribe's name. The name means “people of the highlands.11)

Dry State

After Nevada, Utah is the second-driest state in the United States. Utah gets roughly 300 sunny days per year on average.12)

Crossroads of the West

Utah is known as the “Crossroads of the West” because of its pivotal location in the Intermountain West. There are three primary geographical sections in its geography: the Rocky Mountains, the Basin and Ridge Area, and the Colorado Plateau.13)

James Bridger

James Bridger was the first Caucasian to glimpse the Great Salt Lake in 1824. He assumed he'd found the Pacific Ocean since it was so salty, but it turned out to be a massive salt lake.14)

Great Mormon Migration

Many of people traveling from the east stopped at the Great Salt Lake region in the 1830s.15)


Fillmore, Utah, was originally selected as the state capital and was named after President Millard Fillmore. In 1856, Salt Lake City took over as the territory capital.16)

Salt Lake City

Until 1868, Salt Lake City was known as Great Salt Lake City.17)

Bankruptcy In 2012

Utah had the fourth highest bankruptcy filing rate in the US in 2012, with 5.99 applications for every 1,000 persons. The national average per capita filing rate was 3.97 petitions per 1,000 individuals.18)

Utah War

During the Utah War (1857-1858), a gang of Mormon militiamen slaughtered around 120 defenseless settlers, including women and children. The militia first claimed that the settlers were murdered by Native Americans. The massacre's motivations are unknown, while historians attribute it to war hysteria and a distrust of strangers. Historians are still debating whether the massacre was organized by Mormon leader Brigham Young or by local officials in southern Utah.19)

Beehive State

Utah is known as the “Beehive State” because the majority of the state's early white immigrants were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which adheres to the Book of Mormon. They worked hard and imagined themselves as a “hive of industry.” They decided to name their new state “Deseret,” which is the Book of Mormon term for “honey bee”.20)

Plastic Surgeries

Salt Lake City, Utah, takes the 2nd place for the most plastic surgeons per capita in the United States.21)


Utah could fit inside California twice and still have enough to spare. Virginia could only fit half of Utah.22)

Brigham Canyon

Brigham Canyon, the world's largest open-pit mine, is located in Utah.23)


Utah has one of the lowest population densities in the US, with only 32 people per square mile. The majority of Utah residents live in towns and communities along the Wasatch Front, which runs along the western side of the Wasatch Mountains (which is a range of the Rocky Mountains).24)

Size And Population

Utah is the 13th biggest state in the United States, the 33rd most populous, and the 10th least densely inhabited.25)

Cooking Pot

Utah is the only state with a cooking pot as a state symbol. In 1997, the Assembly designated the Dutch oven as a state symbol.26)

Largest Employer In State

Hill Air Force Base, outside Ogden, Utah, is the state's largest employer.27)

Famous People

David Archuleta, Butch Cassidy, Shannon Hale, Karl Malone, Donny and Marie Osmond, Robert Redford, Julianne and Derek Houghs, Roseanne Barr, Loretta Young, James Woods, Chrissy Teigen, Orson Scott Card, Terry Tempest Williams, and Steve Young are among the well-known Utahans.28)


There is a town in Utah called “Levan”. Levan means “navel” backwards—and Levan is at the middle of Utah, or the “navel”.29)

Marriage Statistics

Utah has the highest percentage of married people of any state in the country. According to the 2012 American Community Survey, 57% of Utah's women (15 and above) are married, a decrease from 69% in 1950.30)

Divorce Rate

Utah's divorce rate is somewhat higher than the national average, and it has been for decades. While Utahans are more likely to divorce than the national average, they are also more likely to marry or remarry.31)

Kids With Women

Around 13% of Utah's children live in families headed by a woman alone, which is lower than the national average of 25%.32)

Youngest Population

Utah has the youngest population in the country, with 31% of the population under the age of 18. It also boasts the nation's highest birth rate.33)


Zions Co-operative Mercantile Institution, the first department store in the United States, is located in Utah. It is currently known as ZCMI.34)

Kanab Movies

Kanab, Utah, is also known as “Little Hollywood” since it has been the location of over 100 movies (mainly Westerns) and several television programs since 1924. Stage Coach, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Planet of the Apes, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Sergeants 3 are all well-known films.35)


Lagoon is the oldest operational amusement park in the American West, and its original roller coaster, “Old Woodie”, is the third oldest in the country.36)

Porn Subscriptions

In the United States, Utah has the highest rate of internet porn subscriptions.37)


Mormons, or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, make up around 62% of Utahans. In terms of religion, Utah is the most religiously homogenous state in the United States.38)

Greatest Snow

The snow in Utah is dry and powdery due to the state's high elevation and desert-like environment. As a result, Utah boasts the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.39)

Drug Abuse

Utah has one of the highest prescription medication misuse rates in the country. It has increased by 800% in the last decade.40)

Zion Curtains

A distinctive wall separates restaurant bartenders who are preparing drinks from clients who request them in Utah restaurants and bars. Their goal is to keep alcohol out of sight in order to avoid excessive drinking. Locals refer to these dividers as “Zion Curtains”.41)

Missionary Training Centers

The Missionary Training Center is located in Provo, Utah. This 35-acre LDS (Mormon) missionary complex can accommodate 3,800 missionaries and offers 10,000 meals every day. After the US Defense Department's Language Institute in Monterrey, California, it is the country's second largest on-site language school.42)


Polygamy was prevalent in Utah until it was abolished in 1890 as a condition of being awarded statehood. In Utah today, there are approximately 40,000 polygamous marriages, the majority of which are between breakaway Mormon fundamentalist groups.43)

Wedding of the Rails

On May 10, 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed at Promontory Summit, Utah. The occasion was dubbed the “Wedding of the Rails”.44)

Mitt Romney

While Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan, he now resides in Utah.45)

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