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Trinidad And Tobago

High-income economy

Trinidad and Tobago is a high-income economy as recognized by the World Bank. It has the third-highest GDP per capita in the Americas. 1)

55 percent of the workforce

Women make up nearly 55 percent of the workforce in the country despite accounting for only 49 percent of the population. 2)

Pitch Lake

In Trinidad and Tobago, the two main rivers are the Caroni and the Ortoire. On the other hand, there is only one lake, the Pitch Lake. 3)


Beer is the most consumed alcohol at 58%, followed by spirits at 37%, wines at 3%, and other alcoholic beverages at 2%. 4)

Alcohol consumption

On average, an adult in Trinidad and Tobago consumes about 7.3 liters of pure alcohol per year. The national alcohol is rum. 5)

Literacy level is growing

There are 1% of people in this country over the age of 15 who cannot read or write, but it is worth noting that this is a downward trend. Every year more and more people are educated. 6)

Left-hand traffic

Trinidad and Tobago is one of 76 countries with left-hand traffic. Right-hand traffic applies to 163 countries. 7)

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