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Travis Scott

Dropped Out Of School

He dropped out of school to pursue his musical career.1)

Thanks to Kanye

Travis Scott might not be where he is now if it weren't for Kanye. Scott was signed to Ye's musical company, GOOD Music label, which has helped his career tremendously.2)

Bond With Kanye

However, the two share a bond that goes beyond friendship. They've become more like family, with Scott often referring to Kanye as his stepfather.3)


One of Travis Scott's major issues has been his brief relationship with Rihanna.4)


Travis Scott has been playing the drums since he was three years old. He subsequently moved on to the piano for a few years.5)

Owl Pharaoh

Travis Scott had to wait a long time for someone else to release his songs. This is why, after he was discovered by Kanye West, he stated in 2011 that his first release would be an EP called Owl Pharaoh, a collection of tracks that would ultimately become a full-length mixtape.6)

The Graduates

Travis Scott established The Graduates with a couple of his pals when he was 16 years old. The band, however, did not last long, disbanding when the rapper went to college barely two years later.7)

Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott's current relationship with Kylie Jenner has demonstrated that he will go to virtually any length for a really passionate moment. For example, on Kylie's birthday, the rapper had a full orchestra perform for her.8)

Not A Rapper?

Travis Scott, despite his celebrity as a rapper, has rejected the label. He does this because he feels his music has the ability to transcend genres and does not want to confine himself to one.9)

Sicko Mode

His song “Sicko Mode” spent more than 30 weeks in the top ten on the Billboard charts. This record stood until Lil Nas X's song “Old Town Road” replaced it.10)

Musicians In Family

Scott's grandpa was a well-known jazz composer, but his father was also a soul artist. Scott states that his understanding of music theory comes from his family, which puts his love of music into context.11)

Real Name

Travis Scott is not his true name, believe it or not. Jacques Webster is his legal name. When he launched his rap career, he changed his name.12)

Trying To Impress Girls

Travis Scott started to play the piano as a child but gave up after a few years. When asked why he stopped practicing piano in an interview, the singer mentioned his failure to impress females as the major reason.13)

No Bed

Scott committed his time in high school to concentrate on music full-time. He converted his room into a music studio to help with his workload, and he didn't even have a bed! He would work all night and then sleep in his chair instead of having a bed.14)


After ten people were killed at the Astroworld music event, Travis Scott, Drake, Livenation, and Apple were sued for $2 billion. Ezra Blount, the youngest casualty, was just nine years old.15)

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