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Tongue like a feather

The toucan's tongue looks like a feather. It helps push food into the stomach. 1)

Beak with serrated edges

Toucans have a colorful and large beak. In some individuals, its length can equal half the length of the bird's body. Its edges are serrated. The design of the beak and its size help toucans regulate their body temperature. 2)

Sedentary life

Toucans lead a sedentary life. They usually live in pairs or small groups of about 6 individuals. 3)

Belize’s National Bird

The national bird of Belize is the rainbow-billed toucan. This species is often tamed by the natives. Its feathers are used to make plumes. 4)


Their ability to fly is poorly developed. They usually move by hopping from tree to tree. 5)

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