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Two Island Chains

The kingdom of Tonga is made up of two parallel island systems.1)

Not Controlled By Europe

The only Polynesian nation that has never been under European colonial rule is the Kingdom of Tonga.2)

Extend In Pacific Ocean

Over 200 miles of the Pacific Ocean's coastline are covered by the island chains that make up the country of Tonga.3)


Nuku'alofa serves as Tonga's capital.4)

Children Raised By Others

Children are frequently raised by elder relatives rather than by their birth parents in Tongan communities.5)


Most Tongans still live the same way they have for hundreds of years, largely through subsistence farming.6)

Daily Practices

For the majority of Tongans, praying frequently and singing religious songs are everyday rituals.7)

Active Volcanoes

There are active volcanoes on four of Tonga's islands.8)

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai

The greatest air explosion ever seen occurred on January 15, 2022, during the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haapai volcano. Amazingly, there were just three deaths that were reported.9)

Artificial Islands

There are two man-made islands in the Tonga nation.10)

Avoid Eye Contact

Tongans respect others by avoiding direct eye contact.11)

Eating Culture

At a traditional Tongan feast, guests eat off of woven mats rather than plates or other flatware.12)

People From The Sky

Palangi, which literally translates to “people from the sky”, is the Tongan name for white people from Western civilizations.13)


Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints make up more than half of the Tongan population (Mormons).14)


Over the past few centuries, the Tongan island of Fonuafo'ou has vanished and reappeared multiple times; it is presently completely buried in the sea.15)

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