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The Who

Previous Names

They had previously performed under the names The Detours and The High Numbers before settling on the name “The Who”. 1)


When Daltrey was walking down the street, he happened to see Entwistle. Entwistle was holding a bass at the moment. He recruited Entwistle into the band after meeting him (at that time Detours).2)

Loudest Band

On May 31, 1976, the band “The Who” performed a concert in London that was so loud that it set a Guinness World Record. It was later defeated multiple times by others. Guinness World Records eventually removed this record from their list since the performances were affecting many people's hearing. 3)

Keith Moon

Keith Moon was a busy child with a restless imagination as a child. His art teacher once said in his report, “Retarded aesthetically.” In other ways, he's a moron.” According to his music teacher, he “has excellent ability but must guard against a desire to show off”. 4)

Roger Daltrey flushed Keith Moon’s pills

Roger Daltrey became enraged when Keith Moon offered illicit substances to two of his bandmates, John Entwistle and Pete Townshend. He flushed the tablets and thrashed Keith. As a result, his bandmates kicked him out. 5)

Roger Daltrey hit Pete Townshend with guitar

Roger Daltrey attacked guitarist Pete Townshend with a guitar because Pete was inebriated and was constantly prodding and hitting Roger with his guitar. Roger was with Pete in the ambulance as he was rushed to the hospital, and he was repeatedly apologizing. 6)

Eddie Cochrane

Except for Summertime Blues, Pete Townsend wrote every major track by the band “The Who.” Eddie Cochrane was the one who wrote it. 7)

Power Pop

Pete Townshend coined the word “Power Pop” in the year 1967. He coined this phrase to describe the sound of The Who's singles from the 1960s. 8)

John Entwistle's Nicknames

John Entwistle, bassist for the band “The Who,” has two more nicknames: “Thunderfingers” and “The Ox”. 9)


Did you know that the muppet 'Animal' was inspired by Keith? 10)

The only song written by both Pete and Roger

“Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” is the only song written by both Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey for “The Who.” In 1965, it was released as a single. 11)

Daltrey Acted In A Shakespearean Play

The BBC produced a movie adaptation of Shakespeare's “The Comedy of Errors” in 1983. In this play, he played the role of Drumio, the twin servants. 12)

The Tragedy At Cincinnati

The Who were about to perform in Cincinnati on December 3, 1979. The fans waiting outside thought the performance had already begun while the band was doing a sound check. An ecstatic mob shoved their way inside, killing 11 supporters in the process. But no one alerted the band members about the tragedy until after the event. The band members were severely shaken when they learned of the tragedy. 13)

Destructive Moon

Moon has a habit of living a bad lifestyle. Moon's property destruction began in 1966, during The Who's stay in the Berlin Hilton. He would be influenced by narcotics and alcohol, and he would ruin furniture by hurling it out windows. His preferred method of destruction, though, was an exploding toilet. Moon attempted to destroy every restroom and changing room he could get his hands on until his supply of explosives ran out. 14)

Death of Keith Moon

Keith Moon was discovered dead in a London apartment on September 7, 1978. His death was caused by a fatal combination of sleeping medications and alcohol. 15)

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