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The Elder Scrolls

Procedural generation

While it's not as well known how Bethesda creates its latest games, all previous installments of Elder Scrolls have used procedural generation to create massive worlds. Instead of manually creating areas for players to explore, Bethesda used procedural generation to create huge landscapes in Arena and Daggerfall that are hundreds of times larger than future installments of the series. 1)

7.5 million square miles

Tamriel is one of the continents located in Nirna. The action of each game from The Elder Scrolls series takes place on it. The continent's area is 7.5 million square miles. 2)

Mainly sports games

The Elder Scrolls (TES for short) is a series of computer role-playing games created by Bethesda Softworks. Work on the series began in 1992, before which the team created mainly sports games. In 1994, The Elder Scrolls: Arena was released for MS-DOS, launching The Elder Scrolls series. 3)

Combination of arcade and adventure

The first installment of the Elder Scrolls series was intended to be a combination of the arcade with some elements of adventure games. Players were to participate in a series of tournaments in which their characters fought together with a supporting team against more and more powerful teams of warriors. The winner of the tournament would face the mighty mage Jagar Tharn, who thanks to magical illusion and trickery won the throne of the Emperor. Between duels, players could also perform little side quests. 4)

Accidental subtitle

The Elder Scrolls subtitle was also the result of coincidence. At some stage of work, it was invented by one of the studio's employees. He had no idea what it could mean, but the most important thing was that it sounded serious and mysterious. Everyone liked the subtitle so much that even the already prepared intro was changed, adding the line “It has been foretold in the Elder Scrolls …”. 5)

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