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The Deadliest Snipers Of World War II

Stepan Vasilievich Petrenko

Stephan, a Ukrainian Senior Sergeant, was a superb marksman with 422 kills. 1)

Vasilij Ivanovich Golosov

Tied with Petrenko at 422 kills, Golosov was an expert marksman. It is believed that of his 422 kills, around 70 were snipers he killed in battle. 2)

Fyodor Trofimovich Dyachenko

Dyachenko excelled, killing 425 during the war. His primary goal was to kill officers that would be difficult to replace, and because of his efforts, he received a Distinguished Service Cross from the USSR. 3)

Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov

Oklhopkov was responsible for the deaths of 429 people while sniping and many more in ordinary warfare. He went on to win a number of prestigious accolades and had a ship named after him in 1974, which he did not get to see because he died in 1968. 4)

Mikhail Ivanovich Budenkov

Budenkov amassed 437 kills as a sniper, serving as an inspiration to other aspiring snipers. He was a Russian sergeant who used his sniper rifle as well as other weapons in combat. Only those killed while sniping are counted among his 437 kills. 5)

Vladimir Nikolaevich Pchelintsev

Vladimir Pchelintsev is responsible for the deaths of 456 Germans. 6)

Ivan Nikolayevich Kulbertinov

He is only 53 kills behind the leader with 489 kills. He didn't get much attention because he was frequently working with or near the famous female sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who had more than 300 sniper kills. 7)

Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyin

Ilyin had a total of 494 confirmed kills. Before the war, he was a locksmith, and he had to work hard to advance to the sharpshooter level after joining the Red Army. During the Battle of Stalingrad, he was responsible for the majority of his kills. Ilyin was killed in action in 1943, but he received several high-ranking accolades for his actions after the war ended in 1945. 8)

Ivan Mikhailovich Sidorenko

During the war, Ivan was responsible for approximately 500 kills. He had more Soviet Union kills than anyone else. He dropped out of college and joined the Red Army before joining the military. He had no formal sniping training and had to teach himself in the early stages of the conflict. During the fight, he utilized incendiary shots (bullets that may set fire to anything) to destroy three vehicles and a tank. Sidorenko was injured sometime in 1944. He spent the rest of his military career as an instructor, instructing young snipers on how to be more accurate. 9)

Simo Häyhä

Simo Häyhä was World War II's most lethal sniper. He has a total of 542 confirmed kills. He is not just the most lethal sniper of World War II, but also the most lethal sniper of all time. 10)

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