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Holiday for everyone

Along with the 4th of July, Thanksgiving is the only all-American holiday free from religious influence and celebrated by everyone in this country regardless of religion or cultural affiliation. 1)


Approximately 46 million birds are consumed each year during the popular Turkey Day. If the average weight of a bird is 16 pounds that means over 730 pounds of meat is prepared. In turn, one participant in the feast eats about 2.7 pounds of meat at dinner or the next day in a salad or sandwich. 2)

Pardoning the turkey

Every year an interesting ceremony takes place at the White House, the pardoning of a bird by the president. 3)


The first time the bird was pardoned was in 1947. 4)

First meal on the moon

The first meal of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first Americans on the moon was, of course, roast turkey. 5)

Seafood on the table

According to historians, fish, seafood, and vegetables, rather than turkeys, dominated the tables at the first Thanksgiving feasts. 6)

20 MPH

The average speed of a wild turkey fleeing the temptations of the hunters was 20 miles per hour. 7)

Officially established Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was officially established by George Washington in 1789. 8)

First Thanksgiving

In 1621, the holiday was held for the first time and lasted for three days. Unfortunately, women and children were excluded from participating. 9)


Pilgrims first gave thanks for prosperity and a successful harvest in the Plymouth colony. Nowadays, there are over 30 towns with this name in the United States. 10)

20% of the entire cranberry harvest

During Thanksgiving, as much as 20% of the entire cranberry harvest is consumed. It is used to make the popular cranberry sauce or desserts. 11)

The world's largest pumpkin pie

The world's largest pumpkin pie was 12 feet in diameter. It weighed 3,699 lb pounds and used 1,869 eggs. 12)

Increased travel

Thanksgiving is a time of increased travel. The busiest airports are O'Hare in Chicago, Los Angeles International Airport, LaGuardia International in New York. 13)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every year, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held in Manhattan, New York City. 14)


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was first held in 1924 and is invariably broadcast by the NBC station. 15)

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