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Chao Phraya

The Menam (Thai: Chao Phraya) is a river on the Indochinese Peninsula. At its mouth on the Gulf of Thailand is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The Menam is formed by the merger of the rivers: Ping and Nan. It forms a vast delta and is used for irrigation, navigation, and timber floating. 1)

Korat cat

The cat was named Korat by King Rama V of Siam in the 19th century. In the regions where it comes from it is considered a lucky animal and is called SI-SAWAT, the “color of money”. Its likeness is given to the bride and groom on their wedding day to ensure a successful marriage. Thai people treat the Korats as a national asset. They are not traded but given as gifts to people who are respected. 2)

Bridge on The River Kwai

The film “Bridge on the River Kwai” tells a fictional story set in Burma. However, the film was shot in Thailand, during which the film crew built a wooden bridge over the Mae Klong River. After the international success of the film, the Thai authorities renamed this part of the river Khwae Yai (Kwai) to match the film. 3)


Wai is the traditional Thai greeting. It is a gentle bow with the hands folded on the chest. Hands are placed as for prayer, without crossing fingers, elbows placed close to the body. The Wai gesture is performed during greeting and farewell, but it can also mean an apology or thanks. 4)

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, was most likely created in and a national sport of Thailand. It focuses mainly on punching with the knees and elbows. 5)

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