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The name of the state of Texas is derived from the word 'taysha' from the North American language of the Caddo tribe. The word means “friends” or “allies”. 1)

Lone Star State

Texas is also sometimes referred to as the Lone Star State as a sign of republican independence. 2)

Long runway

The Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo is home to one of the longest runways in the United States. The 4115-foot-long runway was built to allow strategic bombers to take off from this location. 3)


When it comes to food, Texas is virtually self-sufficient. 4)

Crude oil

Texas alone is home to nearly 43% of the United States crude oil inventory. 5)


Texas is the largest producer of electricity in the United States. 6)

28th state

Texas joined the United States in 1845. It was the 28th state at the time. 7)


Texas declared independence from Mexico in 1836 and was an independent state until 1845. 8)

Preventing theft

Killing a thief to prevent theft is legal in Texas. 9)


The only town named Earth lies in the northwestern part of the state of Texas. 10)

Bracken Cave

Bracken Cave in Texas is home to more than 20 million bats. It is the largest colony of these mammals in the world. 11)

The Zimmermann Telegram

In 1917, Germany tried to get the Mexican authorities to invade the United States. The Mexicans were then to regain the previously lost territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. 12)

Killing Bigfoot

Big Foot, or Bigfoot. It is a mythical animal that inhabits the Rocky Mountains in America. So far, there are no reliable sources to confirm the existence of this animal. However, if Bigfoot shows up in Texas, you can legally kill it. That's what the law of that state says. 13)

Wrongfully sentenced

In 1989, an innocent man was sentenced to death in Texas. The jury mistook the man for someone else - with the same name, appearance, and height. 14)

Abandoned towns

There are at least 500 abandoned towns in Texas. 15)


Atheists in Texas state are legally prohibited from holding public office. 16)

No meal on demand

Texas Death Row inmates don't get a last meal “on demand.” 17)

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