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Famous aviator

The French Open, a tennis tournament in Paris, is named after aviator Roland Garros. Rolland Garros rose to fame by flying from Fréjus, France to Bizerte, Tunisia (which was then under French rule). A year later, with the outbreak of World War I, Roland Garros joined the army. 1)

The Venus Rosewater Dish

The Venus Rosewater Dish has been presented to the winner of the women's Wimbledon tournament since 1886. Rosewater dishes were once part of opulent tableware. They were used to collect water while washing hands with rosewater before meals. 2)

Martina Navrátilová

Martina Navrátilová has won a total of 167 tournaments in singles play, a record for both women's and men's competitions. She has won eighteen Grand Slam singles titles. 3)

The pineapple crown

The pineapple crowning the cup presented to the winner of Wimbledon used to be a symbol of luxury. In seventeenth-century England, pineapples imported from the tropics appeared only in the homes of the wealthy. 4)

Golden Grand Slam

The term - Golden Grand Slam was coined in 1988 to describe the feat of German Steffi Graf, who won the Grand Slam Classic and the gold medal of the Seoul Olympics. Graf remains the only female athlete in history to have won a Golden Grand Slam. 5)

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