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First TV

Paul Gottlieb Nipkow of Germany invented the first mechanical television in 1884, with an 18-line resolution. His novel device could transmit pictures through wires via a revolving metal disk. Nipkow, on the other hand, never referred to his device as a television, but rather as an electronic telescope.1)

Boris Rosing

Boris Rosing, an inventor, independently combines Nipkow's revolving metal disk idea with his own idea of utilizing a cathode ray tube in 1906.2)

First Transmission

The first live remote image transmission was performed in 1909 by Georges Rignoux and A. Fournier in Paris. With a resolution of 8×8 pixels, it was only possible to transmit simple symbols like a single. The first television station was W3XK, which started broadcasting in 1928. 3)

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Taylor Fansworth, a 21-year-old electrical enthusiast, created the first modern electronic television system in 1927. This young genius' ideas were light years ahead of the mechanical television technology of the day. Farnsworth was able to capture moving pictures using his ideas and a beam of electrons.4)

Increase In Resolution

Television resolution had substantially increased by the early 1940s, and in 1943, John Baird presented the British government his 1000 scanlines standard resolution technology.5)

Debate Over Color TV

The debate over colored television became famous in the 1940s. CBS, a significant industry participant, advocated for the introduction of color television programming. RCA, the second industry behemoth, was able to keep black-and-white programming because the majority of its sets had black-and-white resolution and were incompatible with John Baird's mechanical technology utilized by CBS.6)


RCA moved on to create its own color technology that was meant to work with their customers' RCA sets. The FCC then recognized the superiority of RCA's color television system over CBS technology in 1953, notwithstanding its previous support for CBS type television.7)

Few Lines Of Resolution

The first television sets had just a few lines of resolution (200-400).8)

HD Television

In 1996, the HD television quality standards were ratified.9)

The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show, which started aired live in 1952, is the first and oldest show; it is now the world's longest running television talk show.10)

Today, TVs show numerous advertisements; nevertheless, the first one was broadcast on July 1, 1941 in New York City. It took 20 seconds for the advertisement to display a Bulova watch. It happened just seconds before the baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. Because it was the first time, they weren't expensive; at the time, an advertisement might cost as little as $9.11)

First Color Television

J.L Baird introduced the first publicly displayed color television system in 1926; it was for the time and trial, thus it only had thirty lines and could only provide coarse pictures. Baird made the first offshore transmission over phone lines from London to New York in 1928, and the same year displayed the first color television.12)

Television Ghost

The Television Ghost is one of America's earliest original television shows. It debuted live in 1931, with an actor disguised as a deceased person recounting stories about their murders or deaths.13)

Effects Of Black And White TV

Most individuals dream in color; however, those who grew up watching black and white television programs have black and white dreams as a result of the influence of extensive exposure to black and white.14)

President Kennedy's Death

After President John F. Kennedy died in 1963, all television networks broadcast commercial-free for four days, covering his burial and other procedures.15)

Most-watched broadcasts in the USA

Twenty-nine of the 30 most-watched TV broadcasts in U.S. history, were Super Bowls, with up to 114,442,000 viewers. The only exception on the top list is the last episode of M*A*S*H, “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”, which gathered 105,970,000 viewers on February 28, 1983. In comparison, popular programs from the 2000s, like NBC's Sunday Night Football, American Idol, CSI, and Friends gathered up to 30,000,000 viewers. 16)

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