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You Can Make Tea Inside British Tanks

All British shielded vehicles have a type of water boiling vessel inside. This really fills two needs: making tea (or espresso) and warming up the plasticized foil sacks that UK military rations come in. They are intended to be drenched in heated water. 1)

Amount of caffeine in tea

Caffeine constitutes about 3 percent of tea's dry weight. This translates to between 30 and 90 milligrams per 250-milliliter cup depending on the type of tea, brand and method of brewing. The caffeine content of one gram of black tea ranges from 22 milligrams to 28 milligrams and the caffeine content of one gram of green tea ranges from 11 milligrams to 20 milligrams. 2)

Types of tea

Tea is divided into categories based on how it is processed. The three main categories include green tea, which is unwilted and unoxidized; white tea, which is wilted and unoxidized and black tea, which is wilted, sometimes crushed, and fully oxidized. 3)

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