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Gender distinction

Despite the fact that tattoos were once considered more masculine, in today's society most tattoo owners - are women. 1)


The tattoo pigment is placed not in the epidermis but in the dermis, the second layer of the skin. The epidermis is considered unstable compared to the dermis because it loses cells over time. 2)

Geisha tattoos

Geisha tattoos have many meanings e.g. they can be a symbol of elegance and art. 3)

Lucky Diamond Rich

There is a man who has covered 100% of his body with tattoos! His name is Lucky Diamond Rich. All parts of his body are covered in ink, including his mouth and ears. 4)

Pigment removal

Black pigments are the easiest to remove with lasers. Black absorbs more laser beams than any other color, allowing the pigment to be destroyed more effectively. The most difficult colors to remove are green and shades of yellow. 5)

James Cook and the tattoos

In the 18th century, the traveler James Cook went to Tahiti. From there he brought to Europe a resident of this island, whose body was completely decorated with various drawings. It was after this event that Europeans became interested in tattoos. 6)

Electric tattoo machine

The world's first electric tattoo machine was created in 1891 by American Samuel O'Riley. 7)

Meaning of dragon tattoos

Popular today, dragon tattoos were originally used in Eastern cultures and traditions. It is believed that such designs represented humans to defend themselves from evil sea forces and monsters. 8)

Human billboards

Some brands use tattoos as advertising. Billy Gibby has placed over twenty advertising tattoos on his body. 9)

Disney fan

American George Ranger accumulates tattoos on his body depicting characters from Disney fairy tales. On his stomach, he has The Little Mermaid, on his back - Aladdin, and in his groin - 101 Dalmatians. 10)

Most European tattoos

Surprisingly, the country in Europe that has the most tattooed residents is Italy. 11)

Tattooed princess

Proof of the presence of tattoos in the ancient world came from an archaeological dig where a body was found covered with drawings depicting the mummified princess Ukok, who lived around the 5th century BC. 12)

Undoing tattoos

There are several types of tattoo removal: chemical - using chemicals; thermal - using a laser; mechanical - cutting through the upper layers of the skin. 13)

Famous people with tattoos

Albert Einstein, Nicholas II ( a tattoo depicting a sword, a dragon, and his wife's name), Joseph Stalin, Catherine II, and Peter I all had tattoos. 14)

Diamond tattoo

The diamond tattoo is the most expensive tattoo in the world. Its creation took 612 diamonds of 5 carats each. The cost of the tattoo - $924,000. 15)

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