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Tarahumara people

Running many marathons at a time, Mexico

The Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico are said to be able to run multiple marathons (over 150 miles) at a time. They run barefoot or wear thin sandals with no cushioning. 1)


The Tarahumara are people living in the Sierra Madre region of Mexico. In their native language, they are called Raramuri, meaning runners. There are about 70,000 of them. 2)

Born to run

They are known for their incredible endurance, which they use in hunting. Hunting involves chasing the game for hours on end. The same hunting method is used by Bushmen. 3)

Luna sandals

Ted McDonald visited the rocky mountains of Sierra Madre in northern Mexico. Fascinated by the Tarahumara runners and the idea of barefoot running, he took off his expensive shoes and wore sandals like the locals. A few days later, one of the natives, Manuel Luna, helped him make the traditional Huarache sandals from a tire. Thus, the world's most famous running sandals, the Luna, were born. 4)


The sandals fit perfectly to the foot. What's important about the whole idea of running in sandals is that you almost can't feel you're wearing them. The adjustment of the straps of the sandals can be chiseled like the tension of sails. For example, the heel can be pressed firmly against the ground, while other areas can be loosened. 5)

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