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Home To Many Diverse Countries

Syria is a historic Middle Eastern country that has served as a link between Asia and the Western world. It has hosted Roman, Greek, Arab, and Turkish dynasties over the ages.1)

Female-Only Village

A group of Syrian women constructed a female-only community after surviving ISIS and a civil war. The community, known as “Jinwar” (women's land), embraces women and children of all religions, ethnicities, and political beliefs.2)

No Official Religion

Syria has no official religion, and its constitution guarantees religious freedom. However, Islam pervades many aspects of Syrian life, and the constitution requires Syria's president to be a Muslim.3)

Civil War Since 2011

Syria has been in the grip of a civil war since 2011. The conflict began when Assad, whose family has ruled for four decades, began cracking down on Arab Spring demonstrators.4)


Most scholars assume that the term “Syria” is derived from “Assyria”, which is derived from the Akkadian “Ashur”, which means “prince”.5)

Syrian Immigrants

Syrian immigrants to the United States have a long history. Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Jobs, Paula Abdul, F. Murray Abraham (who played Salieri in the 1984 film Amadeus), and hockey star Brandon Saad are among Syrian-born celebrities.6)

Deadliest For Journalists

Syria has become the world's most dangerous place for journalists, owing mostly to the country's continuing civil conflict. At least 17 journalists were killed in 2014.7)

Reasons For Civil War

Syria's civil war is complicated, in part because various groups and foreign backers are fighting for control, including Assad's regime (backed by Russia and Iran), the Free Syrian Army (backed by the West), and a slew of other militias, including Islamists such as ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, as well as Kurdish forces.8)


Approximately 87% of Syrians are Muslims (74% Sunni), 10% are Christians (Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian), 3% are Druze, and a few are Jews.9)


Syria has a population of over 21 million people, including around 22,900 Israeli settlers living on the Golan Heights.10)


Syria is almost 1.5 times the size of Pennsylvania.11)

Forced To Flee Their Homes

Because of the civil war, almost 10 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. They have either become internally displaced or have fled the nation entirely.12)

Darker At Night

According to satellite pictures, Syria got 83% darker at night when the civil conflict began in 2011. This is due in part to people leaving and in part to the infrastructure entirely collapsing.13)

Mostly Women And Children

Over 75% of the 4.5 million individuals who have fled Syria since 2011 are women and children.14)


Damascus, Syria's capital, is named after an old Aramaic word that meaning “a well-watered location”.15)

Refugees Seeking Asylum In Europe

Around 10% of Syrian refugees have sought asylum in Europe, sparking political debate over which country should assist them.16)


Approximately 60% of Syrians are unemployed. 17)


Approximately 82% lives in severe poverty and cannot afford the necessities of life.18)

Official Name

Syria's official name is “Syrian Arab Republic”.19)

Old Syrian Roads

Some Syrian roads date back over 4,000 years and are still in use today.20)

Life Expectancy Since Civil War

Since the start of Syria's civil conflict in 2011, life expectancy has decreased by 20 years.21)

Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Syria's civil war is the biggest humanitarian calamity of the twenty-first century.22)

Turkey And Lebanon Helping Refugees

Turkey has the most Syrian refugees, at over 2.5 million. Lebanon has 1.1 million Syrian refugees, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the population.23)


Ebla, one of Syria's first kingdoms, is home to one of the world's oldest libraries. In 1964, Italian archaeologists unearthed around 20,000 tablets that show traces of being organized on shelves by theme.24)

Refugees In Iraq

Iraq, which already has 3.9 million internally displaced people, is hosting 245,022 Syrian refugees.25)

Many Deaths

Hundreds of Thousands of people have perished in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011. 26)

Worst Exodus

Syrians have the world's highest refugee population as of 2016. This is the worst migration since the massacre in Rwanda 20 years ago.27)


Almost half of all Syrian refugees are children under the age of 18.28)

Queen Zenobia

Queen Zenobia (240-274 A.D.) presided over the Palmyrene Empire in Syria and was known as the “warrior queen.” She spoke numerous languages and aggressively established an empire that was both independent of, and hence a menace to, Rome.29)

No Help From Some Rich Countries

High-income nations such as Russia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea have given no places for Syrian refugees to relocate.30)

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