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Colors of French flag

The white on the French flag symbolizes the color of the monarchy, the red of the republic, and the blue is associated with Charlemagne and other great rulers of France. 1)

The Citroen logo symbolizes a gear mesh. The company founded by André Gustave Citroën manufactured gears and gearing. It was created on the basis of a patent for sprocket gears, which André bought in Poland. 2)

Olympic flame

To date, the Olympic flame has been extinguished five times: 1976 in Montreal (caused by heavy rain) 2004 at the Athens Games in the old stadium from the 1896 Games 2008 in Beijing (according to official announcements, the reason was technical problems) 2012 during the journey to London (during a pontoon crossing) 2013 after the start of the relay to Sochi, in Red Square in Moscow, probably due to strong winds. 3)

Vulcan salute

The Vulcan salute is a hand gesture created for the television series Star Trek: The Original Series by Leonard Nimoy; one of the more recognizable symbols of the Star Trek series. It serves as a salute to the fictional space race of Vulcans. After the salute is performed, the greeting Live long and prosper is pronounced. The gesture is modeled after the Hebrew letter Shin (sign: ש), which symbolized El Shaddai, one of the names of God in the Old Testament, as well as the Shechinah and the greeting Shalom. 4)

Bowl of Hygieia

The Bowl of Hygieia is a symbolic chalice that represents the symbol and sign of a pharmacy. According to Greek mythology, the chalice and the serpent were among the attributes of the goddess of health, Hygieia. In art, it is usually presented in the form of a chalice (symbol of health) without decorations with a snake wrapped around it. The snake because of its molting - “rebirth” - symbolizes the continuous self-renewal of life, healing, and longevity. 5)

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