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Symbolic Flowers

Flower of the Gods

The carnation is the national flower of Spain. In Poland, carnations are often associated with the communist era. In France and other Francophone countries, they are considered a symbol of misfortune. From Latin, carnation means “Flower of the Gods.” 1)

Cantua Buxifolia

Cantua buxifolia is a species of plant in the polychaete family. It is native to Peru and Bolivia. It is known under the common name cantuta, which is derived from the Quechua language. The national flower of Peru is referred to as the “sacred flower of the Incas.” Due to the colors of its flowers, reminiscent of the Bolivian flag, it was chosen as the national flower of Bolivia. 2)

King of Flowers

Peonies are a symbol of shame, also joy, red petals represent pleasure, yellow peonies represent success and wealth. In China, the peony is the “King of Flowers” a symbol of wealth. In Japan, the peony is a symbol of honor and courage. In Thailand, peony flowers have a double symbolism, the bouquet is a wish for a happy marriage, but also for shame. 3)

Cupid's arrows

Anturium, beautiful red flowers in the shape of a heart. According to legend, in ancient Greece, they were Cupid's arrows for lovers. They are also the flower of “celebration”, a symbol of sincere affection, friendship. 4)


Chrysanthemums are a symbol of autumn, sadness, grave flowers, they also symbolize happiness, fidelity, honesty, friendship. They have different symbolic meanings depending on the country and the culture. 5)

White lilies

White lilies symbolize a long-term relationship, virginity, modesty, optimism, peace, happiness, orange lilies symbolize passion, yellow lilies symbolize joy. White lilies in wreaths and funeral bouquets are a religious symbol. In China, bouquets of lilies are given to newlyweds and symbolize the birth of a child. They are also a gift for any occasion. 6)


Tulips are a symbol of spring, hope, trust, dreams, abundance, and wealth and are seen as a symbol of new opportunities and change. They come in many colors, each with different symbolism. 7)

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