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Syberia - Game Series

Series of adventure video games

Syberia is a series of adventure video games developed by the French company Microids. 1)

Released in 2002

The first game in the series, Syberia, was released in 2002. 2)

Kate Walker

The game follows the journey of American lawyer Kate Walker as she travels across Europe and Russia. 3)

Influenced by steampunk

The game's story is heavily influenced by the works of Jules Verne and the steampunk genre. 4)

Hand-drawn graphics

The game features hand-drawn graphics, puzzles, and a complex storyline. 5)

Syberia II

The second game in the series, Syberia II, was released in 2004. 6)

Syberia III

Syberia III was released in 2017, after a long development cycle. 7)

Positive reviews from critics

The games have received positive reviews from critics, with praise for their atmosphere and storytelling. 8)

Best adventure game franchises

The Syberia series has been described as one of the best adventure game franchises of all time. 9)


The games have been translated into multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. 10)

Multiple platforms

The Syberia games have been released on multiple platforms, including Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. 11)

Benoit Sokal

The series was imagined and created by Belgian artist Benoit Sokal. 12)

Immersive atmosphere

The games are known for their immersive atmosphere, imaginative worlds, and engaging puzzles. 13)

Voice acting

The voice acting in the games has been praised for its quality and performance. 14)


The Syberia series has won several awards, including the Adventure Gamers' “Adventure Game of the Year” award. 15)

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