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The katana, a type of Japanese sword, is known for its distinctive appearance and unique method of forging. The blade is traditionally made by folding the metal multiple times, which creates layers in the blade and increases its strength and durability. 1)


The scimitar, a curved sword with a single edge, was used by nomadic tribes in the Middle East and Central Asia. It was designed for mounted combat and is known for its versatility and agility. 2)


The claymore, a two-handed sword used in Scotland, was designed for use in close combat and had a distinctive cross-shaped hilt. 3)


The rapier, a type of sword with a narrow and sharply pointed blade, was popular in Europe during the Renaissance and was often used for fencing. 4)

Chinese jian

The Chinese jian, a straight, double-edged sword, has a long history dating back to ancient China and was used by both civilians and the military. It is considered a symbol of nobility and is still practiced as a martial art today. 5)


The khopesh, an ancient Egyptian sword with a hooked blade, was used for both cutting and thrusting. It was a popular weapon in the ancient Near East and was often depicted in artwork and hieroglyphics. 6)


The cutlass, a short, broad sword with a curved blade, was popular among sailors and pirates during the Age of Sail. It was easy to wield in close quarters and could be used for both cutting and hacking. 7)


The falchion, a medieval sword with a single-edged, curved blade, was used for both cutting and thrusting. It was popular among knights and was often used in close combat. 8)


The flamberge, a type of sword with a wavy blade, was used in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was designed to increase the blade's cutting power and was often used by cavalry. 9)


The gladius, a short, double-edged sword used by the Roman army, was designed for thrusting and was effective in close combat. It was the primary weapon of the Roman legionaries and played a key role in the expansion of the Roman Empire. 10)


The zweihander, a large, two-handed sword used in Europe during the late medieval and early modern periods, was designed for use in infantry formations. It was known for its reach and cutting power. 11)


The shamshir, a type of Persian sword with a curved blade, was used by the cavalry of the Persian Empire and was known for its elegance and grace in combat. 12)


The kris, a type of Indonesian sword with a distinctive wavy blade, was believed to possess magical powers and was often given as a gift to mark important events. 13)


The kukri, a short, curved blade used in Nepal, was the traditional weapon of the Gurkhas and was known for its effectiveness in close combat. 14)


The ulu, a type of knife traditionally used by Inuit women for skinning and processing game, has a distinctive, crescent-shaped blade. It is still used in some traditional Inuit communities today. 15)

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