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Lago Maggiore

The deepest lake in Switzerland is Lago Maggiore with a maximum depth of 1,220 ft. It is located on the border with Italy and has a number of islands, the most famous of which are the Borromee Islands. 1)

The oldest cantons

The oldest cantons of Switzerland are Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden, which entered into a perpetual union, the Swiss Confederation Act, in 1291. 2)

Bernoulli family

Bernoulli is the name of a famous family of Swiss mathematicians, from which they came: Jacob Bernoulli (1654 - 1705) - created, among other things, the foundations of probability calculus. Nicolaus Bernoulli (1687 - 1759) - was the first to describe the problem of the so-called Petersburg paradox. Johann Bernoulli (1667-1748) - Discovered Leonhard Euler's mathematical talent and dissuaded his father from the decision to train Leonhard as a pastor. Daniel Bernoulli (1700 - 1782) - Swiss mathematician and physicist. Jacob II Bernoulli (1759 - 1789 in St. Petersburg) - Swiss mathematician who came from the Bernoulli family. 3)


Romansh, also known as Rhaeto-Romance, is one of the official languages of Switzerland, along with Italian, German and French. The largest number of speakers live in Grisons, where it was predominant in the early 19th century (German predominates there today). 4)

Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is the largest nature reserve in Switzerland and the country's only national park. It is the oldest such protected area existing in the Alps. The beginnings of the national park are associated with the association “Pro Natura” founded in 1909. Its activists led to the creation of the national park in 1914. In 1979 the park acquired the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 5)

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