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Supreme Court

Justices On Money

There have only been two Supreme Court justices portrayed on US currency: John Marshall on the $500 note and Salmon P. Chase on the $10,000 bill. Neither bill is still in use today.1)

President On Supreme Court

William H. Taft is the only US president who has also served on the Supreme Court.2)

Most Judges Appointed

George Washington had the most Supreme Court judges appointed, with eleven. With nine appointments, Franklin D. Roosevelt comes in second.3)

Footballer On Supreme Court

The only Supreme Court justice inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame is Justice Byron White.4)

Presidents Without Nominations

Only four presidents out of 45 did not have the opportunity to select a Supreme Court justice: William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Jimmy Carter.5)

Supreme Court Police

The Supreme Court has its own police department, known as the Supreme Court Police.6)

Supreme Court Creation

The United States Supreme Court was established by Article III Section 1 of the United States Constitution and the Judiciary Act on September 24, 1789.7)


While the number has fluctuated in the past, the US Supreme Court today has nine justices: one chief justice and eight associate justices.8)

No Impeachment

While the United States Congress has the authority to impeach a Supreme Court justice for corruption or abuses of power, no justice has ever been impeached.9)

Third Branch

The concept of the Supreme Court as a “third branch” of government was novel. The executive branch made judicial judgments in England.10)

Number Of Justices

The number of justices on the Supreme Court is not specified in the US Constitution. The number changed until Congress decided on nine in 1869.11)


The US Constitution makes no requirements for becoming a Supreme Court justice, therefore the president can nominate anybody, and the Senate cannot impose any requirements to limit who the president picks. The Senate need only disapprove or approve the president's choice.12)


The chief justice earns around $258,100 per year, while the associate justices each get $246,800.13)

Joseph Story

Joseph Story, 32, became the Supreme Court's youngest ever appointment in 1811. He is one of the most known constitutional academics in American history, as well as one of the best Supreme Court scholars.14)

Quill Pens

The usage of quill pens is one of the Supreme Court's most lasting traditions. White quill pens are still put on the counsel tables each day while the Court is in session, just as they were in the Court's early days.15)

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