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Star Wars

American film franchise

Star Wars is an American film franchise based on the space opera film trilogy created by George Lucas. 1)

Yoda was almost played by a monkey

George Lucas originally intended for Yoda to be played by an adorable monkey wearing a mask and holding a cane, according to Rinzler's book, The Making of Star Wars. 2)

Yoda has no determined species

Yoda's species has never been named. A mystery, it is. 3)

Harrison Ford almost wasn't Han Solo

Along with Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Christopher Walken, Burt Reynolds was among the top candidates to play Han Solo. 4)

The original Return of the Jedi ending saw Luke Skywalker turn evil

George Lucas touched on the idea that after Luke removes the dying helmet of Vader, he puts it on, proclaims “Now I am Vader” and turns to the dark side in a story creation session for the Jedi Return. 5)

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