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Motorcycle racing on tracks

Speedway - motorcycle racing on tracks similar in shape to an oval, one of the disciplines of motorsport. The riders run four complete laps of the track, from the start, stopped (from under the starting tape), always going in the counter-clockwise direction (popularly speaking: “left”). Speedway tracks used for competition have loose surfaces, in modern times made of special mixtures of syenite or granite. 1)


Speedway motorcycles have a special construction, and among other things do not have gearboxes or brakes. 2)


They are fitted with a helmet color that can either be red, brown, yellow, or black and white to distinguish the 4 riders during the race. 3)


There's a 500cc engine on each motorcycle. The bikes run on methanol for fuel and the tank of each bike carries enough fuel for a single race. The bikes are capable of hitting speeds of up to 80mph and 0-60 in around 3 seconds. 4)


There is evidence to suggest that before World War I, meetings were held on small dirt tracks in Australia and the United States. Motorcycle racing was held at the Newcastle NSW Rugby Ground on 13 November 1905, a distance of about 440 yards. 5)

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