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Slavic Mythology


In the Slavic Pantheon, Perun is the highest god. He is the lord of heaven, thunder, and lightning. The name Perun roughly means “to strike” and it survived in the Polish language as piorun - thunder. 1).

Slavic Rituals

Slavic rituals were mainly based on agricultural celebrations and the lunar cycles. There was, for example, Velja Noc which fell around the same time as Easter nowadays, or Kupala during the summer solstice. 2)

World Once And For All

Ancient Slavic civilization was one of the most conservative civilizations known on earth. Slavs believed that the world had been created once and for all, and nothing should try to change the way of life as passed on by their ancestors. 3)

Thea: The Awakening

There are computer games based on gods and creatures from Slavic mythology. These include Thea: The Awakening and Thea 2: The Shattering, which are turn-based strategy survival games with unique ideas. 4)

The Witcher

The creatures from Slavic mythology can also be met in the series of books about the Witcher Geralt. Following the books, there are also games and a Netflix show. 5)


Leshy is the tutelary deity of forests. He may manifest in the form of animals, such as bears, wolves, and hares. 6)

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