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Sergei Rachmaninoff

Russian composer

Sergei Rachmaninoff was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor. 1)

Born in 1873

He was born in 1873 in Semyonovo, Russia. 2)

Playing the piano at the age of four

Rachmaninoff began playing the piano at the age of four and composing at the age of nine. 3)

Studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory

He studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and later at the Moscow Conservatory. 4)

Symphony No. 1

Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 1 premiered in 1897, but was a failure and caused him to suffer a period of depression and writer's block. 5)


He underwent hypnotherapy to overcome his depression, which helped him to regain his confidence and ability to compose. 6)

Prelude in C-sharp minor

Rachmaninoff's most famous work is his Prelude in C-sharp minor, which is often used in film and television. 7)

Renowned pianist

He was also a renowned pianist, and his performances were known for their virtuosity and emotional depth. 8)

Close friend of Alexander Scriabin

Rachmaninoff was a close friend of fellow composer and pianist, Alexander Scriabin. 9)

Friend of Leo Tolstoy

He was also a close friend of Russian author Leo Tolstoy. 10)

Emigrated from Russia

Rachmaninoff emigrated from Russia after the Russian Revolution in 1917. 11)

Lived in the United States and later in Europe

He lived in the United States and later in Europe and he gave many concerts as a pianist and conductor. 12)

Composed four piano concertos

He composed four piano concertos, one symphony, and many other works including preludes and vocal pieces. 13)

Talented conductor

Rachmaninoff was also a talented conductor, leading many of his own compositions, as well as those of other composers. 14)

Died in 1943

Rachmaninoff died in 1943 in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of 70. 15)

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