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Selena Gomez


She was born in Grand Prairie as an only kid. On July 22, 1992, in Texas.1)

TV Pilots

She has two unsuccessful television pilots. After being found by Disney Channel scouts in 2004, Gomez guest appeared in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and later had a recurrent role on Hannah Montana opposite Miley Cyrus. Before winning the part of Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, she filmed two spin-off pilots that were never picked up. It's the third time's the charm!2)


Mandy Dawn Teefey, a former theater actress, reared Gomez mostly. After witnessing Teefey prepare for theatrical performances, the gifted actress says she realized she wanted to be an actor.3)

Name Origin

Former Disney star Selena Quintanilla Perez was named after Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez, who was murdered and died in 1995. Gomez grew up listening to Selena's songs and was even taken to the late singer's memorial statue in Texas by her father. Jennifer Lopez's portrayal of Selena in the 1997 movie was also a favorite of the rising star. Gomez reportedly requested her mother for a rhinestone corset after viewing it when she was 5 years old!4)

Debut Fragrance

Selena, Gomez's debut fragrance, was released in 2012. “I characterize it as delicious,” she remarked. It's lovely. It's not oppressive. Simple! My mother genuinely enjoys it.“ The actress also chose the tall bottle and its unusual lid with consideration.5)


Selena Gomez was 7 years old when she spent her days with Barney, the huge purple dinosaur. “I was really bashful as a child,” she said in a 2008 interview. “I had no idea what 'camera correct' meant. I had no idea what blocking was. Barney taught me everything.” She also met Demi Lovato there.6)


Sel, Selly, Selenita, and Conchita are some of her nicknames.7)

Dream Out Loud

In 2010, Gomez released Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez. She insisted on using environmentally friendly materials and even stated that the “tags would all have some of my uplifting messages on them.” “All I want to do is give a positive message.” Her “pretty, feminine, boho” looks are still available at Kmart.8)


She has stated that she was bullied frequently throughout elementary and middle school. “It makes you a stronger person to turn your cheek and go the other way,” she remarked in an interview.9)

Six Rescue Dogs

Selena Gomez has six rescue dogs like her children! Willie, Wallace, Fina, Chip, Chazz, and Baylor are among the names in her collection. She did, in fact, acquire Baylor, a cute husky mix.10)

Nick Jonas

Selena Gomez began dating Nick Jonas in 2008, shortly after he and Miley Cyrus split up. Gomez and Jonas were together for approximately a year before splitting up.11)


Selena Gomez and Snooki may have something in common. Pickles are her favorite food! In a previous interview, the actress stated that she would want to create pickle-flavored chewing gum.12)

Justin Bieber

Gomez and fellow adolescent sensation Justin Bieber made their public debut as a relationship at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, after months of claiming their pancake dates were anything more than a dinner between friends. The new pair made quite a stir on the red carpet by wearing color-coordinated attire.13)


In 2009, Selena Gomez was the face of Sears' back-to-school advertising campaign.14)


She is an ambassador for, a State Farm advocate for safe driving, conducts an annual benefit performance for UNICEF, and was designated an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2012.15)

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