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William Dampier

William Dampier (1652-1715) was a British explorer sailor, naturalist, and also a buccaneer. The first Englishman to explore and chart parts of Australia and New Guinea. He was the first sailor to circumnavigate the world three times. William Dampier was also the first European to see and describe kangaroos, in 1699. Dampier's voyages are considered the beginning of the scientific exploration of the Pacific area. 1)

The first female admiral

Isabel Barreto participated in the expedition of her husband, Álvaro de Mendaña de Neyra, which discovered the Marquesas Islands and then the Santa Cruz Islands (1595). During the expedition, a malaria epidemic broke out among the sailors, which also killed de Mendaña. Before his death, the commander of the expedition gave all his property and all his offices to his wife. After the death of her brother Lorenzo in mid-November, Barreto took command of the flotilla as the first female admiral in Spain. 2)

The Roaring Forties Zone

The Roaring Forties Zone is a strip of ocean water running continuously around the southern hemisphere of the globe, approximately between 40° and 50° south latitude. The first man to sail solo around the world through this zone was Argentine Vito Dumas between 1942 and 1943. 3)

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618) was an English sailor and writer, a favorite of Elizabeth I. Between 1584 and 1589 he organized English attempts to colonize North America. In 1595 he led an expedition to Guyana and up the Orinoco River in search of the legendary El Dorado. He was accused of conspiracy against James I and sentenced to death. He was beheaded in 1618. 4)

William IV of Hanover

William IV of Hanover had two older brothers and in his youth, it was not thought that he was destined to come to the throne. Therefore, he became an officer in the Royal Navy and served many years in the Caribbean Sea. At the age of 64, he inherited the throne of England after his two older brothers died leaving no heirs. 5)

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