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Ronnie James Dio


Ronnie James Dio was 5'4”, the same height as Michael J. Fox, Pablo Picasso, and Glenn Danzig, according to reports. 1)


Ronnie James Dio learned to play the trumpet as a child. 2)


He was also a bassist in the band The Vegas Kings. 3)

Real Name

His name is Ronald Padavona. 4)

Opera And Mario Lanza Fan

Because heavy metal had not yet been formed, Ronnie grew up listening to opera and was a fan of Mario Lanza.5)


Ronnie attended the University of Buffalo and majored in pharmacology. 6)

Meaning Of Dio

Dio is the Italian word for 'God,' although he got his stage name from Italian-American gangster Johnny Dio, whose real name was Giovanni Ignazio Dioguardi. 7)


Ronnie is well-known for his work with the band Elf, where he played bass and sang. 8)

Don Padavona

Dan Padavona was adopted by Ronnie and his first wife, Loretta Berardi. In 2014, he published his first horror novel, Storberry. “It is an old-school, retro horror tale about a little Virginia community trying to survive a vampire infestation,” Dan explained to Blabbermouth. “It's a cross between Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead”. 9)

Children Of The Sea

Children Of The Sea was written during his first session with Black Sabbath in 1979, and it would debut on the Heaven And Hell album a year later. 10)

South Park

Ronnie described his South Park parody Hooked On Monkey Fonics as “amazing.” In the show, his band – characterized by Principal Victoria as a musical force of the 1970s and 1980s — performs Holy Diver at a school dance.11)

Tenacious D

Tenacious D said in the 2001 song Dio that the rock star was too old to rock at 59 years old. 12)

Brütal Legend

Ronnie James Dio was originally scheduled to give the voice of Doviculus in the metal computer game Brütal Legend, but he was subsequently replaced by Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show. 13)

New York Giants Fan

Ronnie, a poetic maestro of all things swords and sorcery, was inspired to write while watching his beloved New York Giants on TV.14)

Indian Food

Glenn Hughes introduced the vocalist to Indian food, which he thoroughly enjoyed. 15)

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