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The highest peak

Moldoveanu is the highest mountain peak in the Southern Carpathians and Romania. It is located in the Făgăraş Mountains and is 8,346 feet high. 1)

Telemea cheese

Telemea cheese can be made from cow's or sheep's milk. It is similar in appearance to Greek feta, lightly salted and enriched in flavor with herbs. It is stored in wooden barrels called “putini”. It can be served as a snack, as well as an ingredient of salads and in addition to omelets or other cakes. 2)

Principality of Pindus

The Pindus area has been disputed between Albania, Romania, and Greece since the early 20th century, especially after the incorporation of the Arumun lands into Greece in 1912. In 1918 the Arumun nationalists declared in Konitsa the creation of the Principality of Pindus, but it lasted only one day. Again the Principality of Pindus was created by the Arumu nationalists in Italian-occupied Greece in 1941 and included Macedonia, Epirus, and Thessaly. It was dissolved in 1944. 3)


Popescu is the most common of all surnames in Romania. This surname may have been passed on to the next generation or assigned to children only in the Orthodox Church, where priests establish families. 4)


The Dacian state was located in what is now Romania and was conquered in the early 2nd century AD by Emperor Trajan (98-117), who defeated the Dacian king Decebal and captured his capital Sarmizegetusa. 5)

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