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Mountain beaver

The mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa) is a species of rodent, the only living representative of the gopher family. It is also not a beaver. It is considered to be the most primitive representative of the order Rodents. Since it has problems with maintaining both body heat and humidity, it goes into hibernation in winter and goes into numbness in the heat of summer. It is found in North America. 1)

African linsang

African linsang inhabits the canopy of humid tropical forests, where it builds nests at least two meters above the ground where it can rest during the day. After a few days, it leaves the nest, building another one elsewhere. It eats insects, birds, and also hunts rodents and reptiles. It is in danger of extinction. 2)

African Spiny Mice

African Spiny Mice (Acomys) are characterized by having long, stiff hairs in their normal fur, resembling the spines of, for example, a hedgehog. Rodents of the genus Acomys exhibit a capacity for autotomy unparalleled in other mammals. In many species, the engorged tail can be easily detached or skinned. Two species exhibit an even g complex defense system: when threatened, these rodents are able to discard parts of their skin. The animal's complete skin, including glands and hair follicles, grows back at a rapid rate. 3)


Hutia is a genus of rodents in the hutia family, including species found in Cuba. The genus includes two species: Archipelago Hutia and Cuban Hutia. 4)

Patagonian Mara

The Patagonian Mara is the largest species of jackdaws and the third largest rodent species. 5)

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