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Red Dead Redemption

Roger Clark

Roger Clark was born in America but raised in Ireland. This simply adds to his great portrayal as Arthur Morgan, as most individuals can't hold a phony accent for five minutes, let alone numerous lines of conversation. 1)

Graham Greene

Rains Fall is played by Graham Greene in 2018 western. The Native American actor had a long and famous career, including an Academy Award nomination for a supporting part in Dances With Wolves. 2)

Rob Wiethoff

Rob Wiethoff went to Hollywood after receiving false promises of high-profile film opportunities. After years of drifting in obscurity, he earned the part of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption. Soon after, he began a family and quit the field totally by 2013. Fortunately for Red Dead Redemption fans, the chance to play Marston drew him back into the acting profession. The prequel is also a better game for it, as another actor playing Marston would have made it feel like a whole different character. 3)

Rockstar Games Is In Manhattan

When most people think of the game industry, they envision Los Angeles or other sunny locales. Famous studios can be found all around the world, but the headquarters are in Manhattan. 4)

The Game Had No E3 Presence

With a game as anticipated as this one, it would be a no-brainer to bring it to the largest yearly video game conference and show it off, winning the praise of innumerable fans and reporters. Rockstar, on the other hand, does not do the industry like most corporations and never attends the show. The company regards it as a waste of time and, to be honest, it is unnecessary. They have a good enough profile that they don't require the help of such events to get the word out about their upcoming titles. 5)

The Game Took About Seven Years To Make

From start to finish, this large-scale project took around seven years. Consider for a moment how long seven years is, then consider the people who were involved from the start and saw it through. 6)

The Script For The Main Story Is Approximately 2000 Pages Long

Before it can be animated or acted out, every cinematic, set-piece and line of speech must be written. This amounted to nearly two thousand pages of writing for the main campaign alone. 7)

Approximately 2,000 Days Of Work Were Spent On Motion Capture

Almost all of the animations in RDR2 were created using motion capture technology. This technology, which helps imitate real-life movement by capturing actors' performances, has been employed in the medium for about 25 years, but rarely to this level. Overall, the developers claim to have spent about 2,000 days at the motion capture lab. This includes animations, cinematics, and even some of the animals. This strategy considerably contributes to the impression of being drawn back in time to the real Wild West in a title that tries for realism. 8)

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