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 +====== Rabbits ======
 +==== 305 breeds ====
 +There are currently 305 breeds of rabbits in the world. [([[|Northern Nester]])]
 +==== European rabbit ====
 +The European rabbit is the world's most widespread rabbit species. [([[|Kids Zoo]])]
 +==== Confused with rodent ====
 +Rabbits are often confused with rodents. Originally, even Charles Linnaeus classified them in this order. [([[|IUCN]])]
 +==== 360 degrees ====
 +Rabbits' field of view is nearly 360 degrees. [([[|VGR]])]
 +==== Sleep with their eyes open ====
 +Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open. This feature helps them survive and allows them to detect danger more quickly. [([[|Rabbit Care Tips]])]
 +==== No defence mechanisms ====
 +With no way to effectively defend against a predator, the best protection mechanism is to freeze in one place or flee. [([[|Have A Heart]])]
 +==== Living in herds ====
 +Unlike hares, rabbits live in herds. They inhabit long and intricate underground passageways. [([[|Wonderopolis]])]
 +==== Rabbits' senses ====
 +Rabbits most often use hearing and excellent eyesight to detect potential danger. [([[|Hartz]])]
 +==== Diet ====
 +Rabbits eat grass and green plants, i.e., food rich in cellulose. Digestion of such food is not easy, but fortunately, rabbits are perfectly adapted to it. [([[|Rabbit]])]
 +==== Two kinds of poop ====
 +Rabbits excrete two types of feces and eat one of them. [([[|Pet Plan]])]
 +==== Domesticating rabbits ====
 +The process of rabbit domestication took hundreds of years. The first to breed rabbits were the Romans in the 1st century BC. [([[|Four Paws]])]
 +==== Middle Ages====
 +In the Middle Ages, rabbits were bred and then let out to hunt. At that time, many cross-breeds of these animals were created, and their breeding was done mainly by monks. [([[|Washington Post]])]
 +==== Pregnancy ====
 +A rabbit pregnancy lasts from 28 to 36 days, with an average of 31. [([[|Indian Academy of Sciences]])]
 +==== Rabbit's Foot ====
 +The rabbit's foot is considered a good luck charm in many cultures. [([[|History]])]
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