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305 breeds

There are currently 305 breeds of rabbits in the world. 1)

European rabbit

The European rabbit is the world's most widespread rabbit species. 2)

Confused with rodent

Rabbits are often confused with rodents. Originally, even Charles Linnaeus classified them in this order. 3)

360 degrees

Rabbits' field of view is nearly 360 degrees. 4)

Sleep with their eyes open

Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open. This feature helps them survive and allows them to detect danger more quickly. 5)

No defence mechanisms

With no way to effectively defend against a predator, the best protection mechanism is to freeze in one place or flee. 6)

Living in herds

Unlike hares, rabbits live in herds. They inhabit long and intricate underground passageways. 7)

Rabbits' senses

Rabbits most often use hearing and excellent eyesight to detect potential danger. 8)


Rabbits eat grass and green plants, i.e., food rich in cellulose. Digestion of such food is not easy, but fortunately, rabbits are perfectly adapted to it. 9)

Two kinds of poop

Rabbits excrete two types of feces and eat one of them. 10)

Domesticating rabbits

The process of rabbit domestication took hundreds of years. The first to breed rabbits were the Romans in the 1st century BC. 11)

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, rabbits were bred and then let out to hunt. At that time, many cross-breeds of these animals were created, and their breeding was done mainly by monks. 12)


A rabbit pregnancy lasts from 28 to 36 days, with an average of 31. 13)

Rabbit's Foot

The rabbit's foot is considered a good luck charm in many cultures. 14)

Pregnant the very next day

After giving birth to the young, the female can become pregnant the very next day. The rapprochement itself lasts a few tens of seconds. Rabbits are known for their reproductive abilities. One female can give birth to up to 60 young in a year. 15)

Excellent jumpers

Rabbits are excellent jumpers and can leap almost one meter high. 16)

Living on the moon

In Japanese and Korean mythology, rabbits live on the moon, where they make rice cakes called “tteok” in Korean and “mochi” in Japanese. 17)

Rabbit as a pet

The rabbit as a pet did not appear on a broader scale until the 19th century. 18)

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