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Freddie created the Queen emblem by combining the four members' astrological signs: two Leos, one Cancer, and one Virgo. Despite this, Freddie professed to be unconcerned by astrology. 1)

Brian's Guitar

Brian's guitar dates back more than 200 years. He and his father built it from the ground up, using wood from a 200-year-old mantelpiece. 2)

Roger's Backyard

Both the music videos for 'We Will Rock You' and 'Spread Your Wings' were shot in Roger's backyard. 3)

Keep Yourself Alive

Keep Yourself Alive was released as a single twice, first in 1973 and once in 1975. Both times, it failed to make the top 40. 4)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

While in the bath, Freddie wrote 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'. According to rumor, he had his piano moved to his bathside. Didn't the piano get wet? Didn't his bathwater get cold? 5)

Freddie's Death

On November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury died of Aids-related pneumonia. He had only revealed publicly the day before that he had Aids. 6)

Queen Fan Club

The Official International Queen Fan Club is the world's longest-running rock group fan club, according to the Guinness Book of Records. 7)


Brian May and Roger Taylor were members of the band Smile, which also included Tim Staffell. Tim, on the other hand, was uninterested and suggested his housemate Farrokh Bulsara. Farrokh became known as Freddie Mercury to the rest of the globe. Smile was dubbed “Queen” by the rest of the world. 8)

Another One Bites The Dust

Michael Jackson advised that the band release 'Another One Bites The Dust' as a single (after dropping by backstage at their LA show). 9)

Queen and David Bowie

The collaboration between Queen and David Bowie on 'Under Pressure' was unplanned; Bowie happened to be passing through the studio while Queen was recording the song. 10)

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Queen received the 2,207th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002. 11)


Freddie had wanted to correct his overbite for a long time but was afraid the surgery would harm his voice. 12)

Asian Hero

Freddie Mercury was voted one of the most important Asian heroes of the last 60 years by Time Asia in 2006. 13)

Brian May

Brian May graduated from Imperial College London with a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He was named Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University in 2007. 14)

Thank God It's Christmas

In 1984, Queen produced a Christmas song called 'Thank God It's Christmas', which spent six weeks on the Singles Chart, peaking at No. 21. 15)

Mary Austin

Mercury was married to Mary Austin for a long time. However, their romance ended when he began an affair with a male Elektra Records employee. Mercury and Austin, on the other hand, remained good friends. 16)

Roger Taylor Songs

They were 'Radio Ga Ga,' 'A Kind of Magic,' 'The Invisible Man,' and 'These Are the Days of Our Lives,' respectively. 17)

Pen And Paper

Freddie Mercury insisted on his staff always have a pen and paper with them in case he became inspired and needed to jot down some thoughts. 18)

Life Is Real

The lyric in 'Life Is Real' (“guilt stains on my pillow”) was first spelled “cunt stains,” then “cum stains,” but Mercury's personal assistant Peter Freestone changed it. 19)


Roger Taylor appeared in the backdrop on a Royal Mail stamp featuring Freddie Mercury in 1999. This created controversy because the only living persons who are supposed to appear on British stamps are members of the Royal Family.20)

Queen II

Meddows is Roger Taylor's middle name. In addition, he confessed that he “hated the title of the second album, 'Queen II,' since it was so uninspired.” 21)

Freddie's Will

Freddie Mercury is claimed to have left £500,000 to his chef Joe Fanelli in his will, £500,000 to his personal assistant Peter Freestone in his will, and £100,000 to his driver Terry Giddings in his will.22)

John Deacon

John Deacon is also a skilled electronics engineer, and he occasionally builds gear for the band to utilize, such as the 'Deacy Amp.' 23)

David Wigg

According to Mercury's friend David Wigg, the celebrity believed that his public image made it difficult for him to maintain relationships. “I made a monster. People assume I'm disabled because they think I'm like that. When I'm attempting to build a relationship, I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet, my love. “I'm a peach,” he explained to his friend. 24)

Mercury Was A Good Pianist

Mercury didn't think he was a very good pianist and was terrified of performing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' live. 25)

Brian May's Diagnosis

Brian May was diagnosed with hepatitis in 1974, after feeling ill during the first month of Queen's US tour. 26)

John Deacon

John Deacon departed the band soon after Freddie died. 27)

Baggage Handler

Freddie worked as a luggage porter at London's Heathrow Airport before joining the band. 28)

Freddie's Love For Animals

Freddie Mercury adored his cat companions. When he was on tour, he would call them and even had paintings of them commissioned. 29)

Freddie's Vocal Range

Freddie Mercury has a four-octave recorded vocal range. 30)

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