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Top-down Processing

Top-down processing is the perception process in which information from the past experience, knowledge, and education of an individual influence the way the perceived object is interpreted and classified. 1)

Our brain and stomach are very closely connected

Our brain and stomach are very closely connected. Therefore, the emotions we experience can physically affect our stomach (especially in situations where we feel heavy stress).2)

Successful Psychopaths

Psychopathy is characterized by a permanent pattern of disregard and violation of social norms and the rights of other people. Pathological behavior is also often manifested in impulsivity, lack of responsibility, low empathy, a tendency to lie, or impermanent relationships. Despite their ruthlessness in action, psychopaths are able to stop pathological behavior in order to protect themselves from threatening legal consequences. These people can achieve great success in business, science, and medicine. 3)

Depression affects women more often

This may be due to the fact that it is more socially acceptable for women to express emotions in women or that there is some genetic connection that makes those with female chromosomes more likely to suffer from the disease. It is also hypothesized that other problems, such as alcoholism and addictions, mask men's depression. 4)

Observer Effect

The presence of other people can have a huge impact on behavior. When many people witness something like an accident, the more people are present, the less likely it is that someone will come to help. 5)

Ringelmann effect

The Ringelmann effect is the tendency for individual members of teams to become less productive as the size of their group increases. A tug of war is often used as an illustration of the Ringelmann effect. As more people are involved in a task, their average performance decreases, each participant tending to feel that their own effort is not critical. 6)


Pronoia is a neologism describing someone who thinks everyone around conspires to do them good. This is the opposite of paranoia, a state of mind when a person feels that other people around them are conspiring against them. 7)

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