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Air Potato

Air Potato, yams (Dioscorea L.) is a genus of perennial vines with tuberous rhizomes. Many species of yam are cultivated for their edible tubers. In West Africa, the tubers are part of the dish “fufu”. Before consuming yam tubers, it is necessary to boil or soak them in water to remove toxic alkaloids. 1)

Potatoes are picked up alive

Unlike carrots or bunches of grapes, the potatoes we buy are still “alive” even though they are dormant. A little bit of heat and moisture makes them sprout. Of course, the potatoes available in stores are often treated with anti-sprouting agents. 2)

Potatoes came from Peru

Potatoes are said to have originated in Ireland, but their true origin is in South America, where centuries ago, between 8,000 BC and 5,000 BC, they were cultivated by the Incas living in Peru. They arrived in Europe with the Spanish conquistadors. 3)

Abundance of types

Potatoes are an abundance of types, each of which can have completely different uses. This is all due to the starch, which affects not only the carbohydrate profile of these tasty vegetables but also their flavor and the best way to use them. Some will be great for frying, others for cooking, and still others will be perfect for baking. 4)

Don't eat raw potatoes

Why not eat raw potatoes? Because raw potato contains solanine which causes: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, colic in severe cases circulatory and respiratory disorders, proteinuria. 5)

Yams are not potatoes

Yams are not potatoes at all, but plants in the Clematis family. They are grown roots. 6)

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