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Ancient Greek pizza

A dish like pizza was already served by the ancient Greeks. These were flatbreads smeared with oil, garlic, and sprinkled with herbs. 1)

Tomato sauce

After tomatoes were imported to Europe, tomato sauce became integral to pizza in 17th century Naples. 2)

The largest pizza

The largest pizza had 26,883 lbs in weight and was made in 1990 in South Africa. It measured 122 ft in diameter, contained 3.960 lbs of cheese, 1.763 lbs of mushrooms, and 1.984 pounds of chopped tomatoes. 3)

Pizza Marghetita

The first modern pizza was to be created in 1889 when the Queen of Italy Margaret of Savoy and her husband (Margherita and Umberto di Savoia) visited Naples. A local baker, a certain Raffaele Esposito, prepared a special dish in her honor - a pizza in which the basic ingredients were: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil, representing the national colors of Italy. 4)


Most pizzas are eaten on Saturday nights. 5)

Health benefits

Apparently, eating pizza once a week reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. 6)

$450 a slice

A pizzeria from Canada sells a slice of pizza for $450. It features lobster, Alaskan black cod, smoked salmon, tiger prawns, and Russian Osetra caviar. 7)

Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba

Neapolitan Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba is considered the first pizzeria in the world. 8)

Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza is not native to Hawaii. It was invented in Canada by Sam Panopoulos. 9)

First Bitcoin transaction

The first transaction when any goods were bought with the virtual currency Bitcoin was a payment of 10,000 BTC for a pizza. 10)

Eating a 12’’ pizza

The record for eating a 12’’ pizza is 41.31 sec. It belongs to a Canadian Peter Czerwinski. 11)

Longest delivery

10,532 miles was covered by a Domino's Lucy Clough in 2004. The pizza was delivered from London to Melbourne, Australia. 12)

Fastest pizza maker

Bruno di Fabio is the master and the fastest “pizza maker” in the world. 13)


The most popular pizza topping in the United States is pepperoni. 14)

Who eats the most pizza

Norwegians eat the most pizza and are followed by the Americans, British and Germans. 15)

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